When the Shoe Fits: Stories of the Taoist Mystic Chuang Tzu Paperback – July 12, When the Shoe Fits uses ten stories from the life of Chuang Tzu as starting points to explore what "Easy is right" really means. The title of the book is taken from. SO, WHEN THE SHOE FITS, THE FOOT IS FORGOTTEN, WHEN THE BELT FITS, THE BELLY IS FORGOTTEN, WHEN THE HEART IS RIGHT.


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It has to be maintained and maintaining takes energy…Only which is not a burden can be eternal. All effort is born out of the ego, and through effort ego is strengthened.

When the Shoe Fits by Osho |

One has to become again like a small child, just born, not knowing what is right, not knowing what is wrong, not knowing any distinctions. Once distinctions enter, once you know this is right and that is wrong, you are already ill, and you are far away from reality.

It had always been there, but he had been moving so much in the future with desire that he could not look at the here and now…that night there was no desire, no goal, nowhere to go, when the shoe fits osho no one to go anywhere — all effort ceased.

Suddenly he became aware of himself, suddenly he became aware of reality as it is.


The mind has a tendency to complete everything — not only the human mind, even the animal mind. Your mind has such a tendency to complete — anything incomplete gives you tension.

When the Shoe Fits

It is better not to start because once you start it has to be complete. What effort have you made to be born. What effort have you made to grow?

What effort have you made to breathe? Everything moves on its own, so why bother?

  • Osho When the Shoe Fits: When The Shoe Fits

Let life flow when the shoe fits osho its own; then you will be in a let-go. Nature is enough, you cannot improve upon it, but the ego says, no, you can improve upon nature; that is how all culture exists.

The he lives, but he is not alive. Can you improve upon a rose?

When The Shoe Fits

Can you improve upon nature in any way? Only man has gone wrong somewhere.

If rose is beautiful without any effort on its part, why not man? What is wrong with man?

Man is part of nature, just as stars are. Be natural, and you will flower. If you are not constantly making arrangements for the future, then you live here and now…then this moment is all, then this moment is eternity.

When the Shoe Fits by Osho (Chapter 1) | The Sun Chaser

Society is very cunning: That is what your mind is, and that is why all those when the shoe fits osho know are against the mind and for nature — because mind is an artificial thing, implanted in you by the society. You need a compass because you are not confident in life; you need moralities, precepts, principles, Bibles, Korans, Gitas to direct you because you are not confident of the inner force…You have so many things imposed on you that your inner life cannot be spontaneous.

What is the concern?

It is about how others are impressed when the shoe fits osho you…Everybody is wondering what others are thinking about them, and the same is the case with the others. Do it so wholeheartedly that the very doing becomes a bliss.

A great man is one who brings his greatness to every small thing that he is doing…And what is greatness?