Louie Simmons' gym, Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio, is regarded as These are the three abilities that make up the Westside Method. When lifters repeatedly use the same simple method of training to raise their strength level, they will eventually stall. Like the scholar who must. The Westside Barbell program is the brainchild of powerlifter and strength coach Louie Simmons. The program's principles are borrowing from Soviet and.


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So, in Westside, you have full days dedicated to certain qualities. Westside conjugate method have dynamic effort day which is dedicated to speed and max effort day which is dedicated to strength. On both days, high reps are used on assistance movements to further hypertrophy. Westside conjugate method periodization, ironically, was developed as a response to the ineffectiveness of concurrent periodization for advanced athletes!

In terms of periodization, Louie had actually gone back a step, added some new twists, and completely renamed something that already existed.


Westside, in terms of periodization, is periodized most appropriately for the early intermediate trainee. Because the program features a weekly mesocycle just like, say, the Texas Method.

Improving Strength with the Westside Conjugate System

Now, exercise selection westside conjugate method varied greatly on Westside, but this is not the same thing as programmatic variation in intensity and volume.

Westside and Drugs Westside has a reputation as being a program that only works for lifters on drugs. In my opinion, the structure of the program is the root of this criticism.

Why do advanced athletes need periods of emphasis on one westside conjugate method or another? Because they only have so much recovery ability and as you become more advanced, you need more and more work to improve a quality.

Westside Barbell Program

If you tried to improve all qualities simultaneously, the westside conjugate method of work it would require would outstrip your ability to recover. So, in essence, certain qualities are improved separately or sequentially while others are maintained in order to prevent overtraining.

What westside conjugate method the best way to drastically boost your overall recovery capabilities? Rather than relying on more complex periodization models to make progress, rather than even manipulating volume from week to week, you can take drugs and simply recover from more overall work.

This allows one to use concurrent periodization for MUCH longer than the average trainee will be able to.

With drugs, the genetically gifted can use an westside conjugate method intermediate style of westside conjugate method right up to the very highest levels of powerlifting — it happens all the time! In my opinion, this is not sustainable for the natural athlete as they progress into later stages of training advancement.

Performance enhancing drugs increase overall recovery capacity. Programming Again, Westside does not feature significant variation in volume or intensity from week to week.

You max out on the max effort day every single week.

The Westside Method: Get Legit-Strong And Jacked As Hell

westside conjugate method You hold the volume constant on dynamic effort day by reducing your sets as the intensity goes up. However, Westside DOES feature significant variation in terms of volume and intensity from session to session. On max effort day, you might do westside conjugate method following: As you can see, the dynamic effort day is up to four times as much volume as the max effort day.

That said, dynamic effort day also uses far less intensity.