Visual Basic Tutorials provides hundreds of FREE lessons and sample NET portion was discarded in , all versions of the Visual Basic. Category: Visual Basic / Handling Errors To Prevent Application Crashes in VB. This tutorial will walk you through a very simple but extremely useful. Whether you are new to programming or to Visual Basic , this tutorial gives you practical guidance to build your programming knowledge. Use the.


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NET applications can be deployed as stand-alone or web-based applications.

This course by VTC author, Arthur Lee, assumes no prior programming background and uses a building block visual basic 2005 tutorial beginning with simple programming features and examples while gradually introducing more complex features. Numerous coding examples are provided to enhance the learning experience.

Visual Basic Learning Guide

Form class is the foundation class for all forms to be created. All the forms that are created in VB. NET are also inheriting from this base class.


This class provides for all the facilities needed for the form. Additional functionality can be added by separate codes. We shall see some of the new features quickly. For most detailed information is available in the Microsoft website.

We will see some of the members that have been… June 7, - Exforsys - Comments: Exploring the Forms Designer generated code VB. The default option comes with this behavior enabled.

These codes are introduced with an aim that the user can continue to use the form without bothering about write codes to instantiate the form with a function new and also the code includes the declaration and instantiation of all the controls… June 7, - Exforsys - Comments: Application Class and Message Class Using Application Class Visual Basic introduces visual basic 2005 tutorial speedy way to access many important classes relating to the Computer on which the application is running, the user running it, the application itself, its forms and any associated web services.

The best part of it all is that you can access it all using the new My visual basic 2005 tutorial.

Visual Basic Resource Center: Free Visual Basic Tutorials and Webcasts

The new My object has added features that help the programmer to gain access to some functionality that was really hard visual basic 2005 tutorial achieve.

Application Object contains information about running application, such as the title, working directory, version, and the common language runtime CLR … June 8, - Exforsys - Comments: Using the Visual Designer to set Windows Form Properties The properties of the Widows properties can be edited in the properties window visually.

Both the inherited properties and also those added in the current class can be edited using the property visual basic 2005 tutorial.

If this window is not visible, you can click… June 8, - Exforsys - Comments: Event Handling In Visual Basic.

Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic for Developers

NET Introduction to Event Handling One of the most useful capabilities of the OOP Languages is their inbuilt ability to be aware of a large number of events like MouseOver, MouseClick, and so on so that we can write codes to react to any event that we are interested.

This is made possible by the visual basic 2005 tutorial set of classes that have been built in the. NET Framework The events handling is very simple as we have seen in the previous example where buttonClicked event is handled by the following code: