A chronicle of Nelson Mandela's life journey from his childhood in a rural village through to his inauguration as the first democratically elected president of South. Buy Books online from Readers Warehouse. The top discount book store. Segundo pôster do filme "Longo caminho para a liberdade" baseado na autobiografia de Nelson Mandela.


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The fact that the government was Boer, aka the Dutch who came and settled in South Africa, who are most known for that lovely Boer Um longo caminho para a liberdade, has made me draw the conclusion that the Boers are Bastards I think this would make a catchy bumper sticker, don't you?

This is the world that Mandela grew up in. I liked that we saw his journey and how he questioned things. He thinks like I do in some respects. If he didn't know about something he would go out and find out everything about it before making a decision. He'd read and read and read um longo caminho para a liberdade he came to his own conclusions.

But this was a bit lugubrious to read about his reading.

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I don't want to be doing battle with my books. I take a certain glee in writing the reviews later What I wouldn't have given for maybe a little bit about his family, his feelings about not being there for them instead of a day by day breakdown of one of his trials that lasted years, but felt like millennia.

While nothing makes up for the life he lost locked behind prison walls, I can definitively say that I felt every single year he was locked away with him. With this um longo caminho para a liberdade there is also a final question to be asked. How much did this book sanitize Mandela's image?

Longo caminho para a liberdade uma autobiografia - Nelson Mandela - Google книги

The book was rushed to publication for his taking office as president with the help of his co-author, not, in my mind, ghostwriter as some have said, if it was ghostwritten, it would have been actually better written, so therefore, what was tweaked?

What was taken out and what was kept in?


In fact many people believe that Mandela was chosen as the image for anti-apartheid because his hands we clean. While he advocated the taking up of arms, he himself didn't.


There were little things in the book that disturbed me, such as his having a picture on the wall of the winter palace to commemorate the uprising that killed the Tsar and his family.

How could anyone want to hang on their wall a reminder of the death of innocent children? Even if you are a communist, seriously? He also worshipped Castro, which recent articles have said wasn't talked about in the book, I just think they didn't finish the um longo caminho para a liberdade million page opus of dullness, because Mandela clearly states his admiration of him.

Longo caminho para a liberdade: a autobiografia de - Nelson Mandela - Google книги

There are just so many thoughts spinning in my head about using one bad political model to fight another one I just want to clear my head, get ride of the lugubriousness of um longo caminho para a liberdade text, wipe away the cobwebs and have a real author come in and write about Mandela.

With his passing I want a truly great writer of biographies to come along and do justice for Mandela, and maybe find a little bit of the truth Mandela's character is definitely one such. However, something was lost in translation when it came to filming Madiba's life's work, ironically, in the year that he was finally laid to rest.

No fault lies with the performers, but choosing to sideline a great many supporting characters and not depict the horrors of apartheid um longo caminho para a liberdade the year of '12 years a slave' the preview for um longo caminho para a liberdade played before this one seems a tad ironic, in not giving the audience something powerful to root against.

I don't know if the responsibility rests with the original work itself in terms of skimming over the details, that isbut the punch, the power, that was sorely needed to make this a rousing epic that it should aspire for, is missing.

The old-age makeup on Elba also took me out of the movie multiple times. U2's 'Ordinary love' plays during the end-credits, but I don't know if the movie would have benefited more from it being played over one of the key sequences take your pick.