Keeley TS9 Drive on Zero with sample played from cd into pedal .. I am surprised what (sinner) said about his Keeley TS TB, because I played tonight with. A great alternative to anyone considering a keely modded TS9, or anyone who doesn't want to commit to a singe OD sound in one pedal. The 4 modes are all. How important is it that I get my ts9 changed to true bypass? Garmopat . Not sure why keeley chooses to tb some and not the others. IF it's that  Tubescreamer 30th Anniversary w/Keeley Mod.


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This is often imitated and duplicated, and is modified with differing specifications and is still the standard for overdrives.

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Here ts9 tb keeley my story- Once upon a time, a young 15 year old boy got his first electric. It was a basic model Samick, with 2 humbuckers and he was given a cheap Epiphone 40 watt amp.

ts9 tb keeley A young friend told him about the beauty of stompboxes. So in a fit of disappointment, our young hero clicked on the overdrive channel on his amp with the tube screamer clicked on as well.

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There was an infinite sustain!! Well, as the wisdom of the young would have it, the lad- still searching the metal scream- sold the pedal and continued on.

After purchasing a Boss DS1, he was happy. Then, the boy grew up. This mature hero brought his battle axe ts9 tb keeley a church youth group.

Simplest TS-9 True Bypass Mod?

Now, in his current state of wisdom, he plugged in his DS1 and proceeded to try to play along with a bout of slow worship. Too much fuzz, too loud, too… everything. So he turned his head back to this Ts9 tb keeley idea. Upon purchasing, he realized it had just a small amount of crunch and could sing smoothly when playing one string at a ts9 tb keeley.

It fit well with smooth worship and was not overpowering. It was the perfect medium between a clean guitar and a complete raging distortion.


It is designed to simulate a standard tube amp being pushed to natural distortion. Another notable example is the Boss SD1.

This is a ts9 tb keeley similar circuit, just with a different clipping mechanism. So this pedal is quite the innovator in our field.

Check out the complete history from Analogman here: Its main characteristics are a very smooth, silky sustain with a hint of distortion when playing one string leads.

The ts9 tb keeley affect on your tone is the midrange.

TB Pedal to replace my Keeley TS9 Mod Plus, and Buffers question | The Gear Page

There is quite a nice hump- and gives a very smooth, warm feeling as neither the bass dark or the treble brights are emphasized. Think about it- The bass is playing the… well, basslines, and you or the other rhythm guitar ts9 tb keeley playing the treble parts.

This is the beauty of the pedal! The 2ndry effect is the way it affects your ts9 tb keeley following it. It adds sustain, a hint of compression, smooth distortion, and a touch of midrange when played into a Boss DS1 distortion at all settings at 12 noon.

Importance of true bypass to ts9

Lastly, this is the effect most ts9 tb keeley by dealers and guitar techs. The modern TS9 does not use this chip and is a bit lacking in tone and crunch. My opinion was that the newer TS9 sounds thin.