Basically, it's a simple class-D power amplifier based on the Tripath TA chip. According to Tripath's data sheet, the TA produces 11W. This compact stereo amplifier based on the Tripath TA chip outputs 2 x 15 watts and is perfect for building into audio projects or use as a standalone amp. Hi All, I've been playing around with tripath ta & tas for a cheapo headphone amplifier with lots of headroom (for fun, not as a journey  Review of Analog Devices ADAU vs. Tripath TA


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So when a Forums participant put the question to John Atkinson last winter tripath ta2024 fearless leader responded along the lines of "Like what? It's tripath ta2024 good—and not just for the money. I'll report my impressions. It wasn't that JA didn't want to listen to the little amp that was causing all the buzz unfortunate choice of words ; it's more that his life is controlled—nay, oppressed—by deadlines.

Listening for "fun" has become a distant memory.

T-amp Tripath Ta2024 2 X 15w Audio Digital Amplifier Board

One afternoon, as the two of us plotted how to get the mighty Canton Vento Reference 1 DCs over to his test lab, an optimistic expression flitted across John's face. You can review that. In the end, I got tripath ta2024.

The Model TA Super T amplifier has proven to be so much fun and so full of surprises that John's been waiting on my copy long past tripath ta2024 deadline.

T-amp Tripath Ta 2 X 15w Audio Digital Amplifier Board | eBay

And no, I'll tell you up front that I haven't compared the upgrade against the plain-vanilla model. Sonic Impact says it made changes based on the feedback of its audiophile customers, and that Tripath made more than 14 modifications to its tripath ta2024 see belowso you're not simply paying extra for the audio jewelry.

When powered on the gap around the volume knob is illuminated to provide a neat indication the amplifier is on. On the front the only other control tripath ta2024 a toggle switch to power up the amplifier.

There is no input selection as there is only one set of inputs on the rear. Also on the rear is a set of tripath ta2024 connectors, no WBT clones here as there is little free space, just a simple, slim set of 4mm binding posts. tripath ta2024


You could use spade connectors on the speaker cables but I would stick tripath ta2024 4mm plugs to avoid any possibility of shorting the outputs as the connections are so close together. As the supply is 12v tripath ta2024 amplifier is ideal for powering from a 12v battery or simple linear supply.

I started out using the supplied power brick that gives a low cost and neat setup.


I did explore the benefits of a battery supply as I am sure you would like to know the impact? I also have an Amptastic Mini tripath ta2024 from the UK that is slightly larger in size with tripath ta2024 better finish.

The collection includes a home assembled power amplifier based on a pair of Tripath ta2024 class D modules that use the International Rectifier IR chipset. I use my MFA Classic for this duty, making a significantly more expensive combination.

The speakers for this review are a pair of custom Demand Better Audio Envy 3, tripath ta2024 3 way design based on carbon fibre spheres fitted with tripath ta2024 excellent drivers. The Sure Electronics TA turns in an excellent performance straight out of the box.

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The volume control is the most obvious difference, tripath ta2024 majority of amplifiers use a commonly available variable resistor or perhaps a stepped attenuator that turns through about deg to change from zero to full output.

The TA uses a digital volume control operated via a rotary encoder tripath ta2024 to the volume knob.

This seems to operate with every step giving tripath ta2024 small volume change and as there is no physical end stop the knob rotates through more than deg. This feels very different in operation and you feel as though you are turning the volume a very long way.

Once you tripath ta2024 used to the volume control the TA is nice to use and as the fit and finish are very good it looks the part.


As with all these small amplifiers, the Trend and Amptastic are the same, they are so light that as soon as you attach input and speaker cables the amplifier is unstable tripath ta2024 needs a weight on top to hold it in the tripath ta2024 position.