The “Thug” series written by Wahida Clark is urban fiction, and the novels from “Thug Matrimony” by Wahida Clark is the second novel in the “Thug” series that. Tasha and Trae, the hood's favorite couple, are still together following the events of Thug Matrimony. Even with their relocation to sunny Los Angeles, the. Back in the hood but movin' on up, Tasha and Trae Macklin have reformed somewhat but are still in urban grit mode. In Clark's latest street lit, her fourth novel in.


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However, for a thug lovin wahida clark that seemed to be much loved Tasha and Traethere seems to be quite a few reasons not to love them in this book.

Life is slightly different for them as they are now out of the crazy drama of New York and playing a new game. The characters were developed well and the story was certainly full of drama.

Thug - Book Series In Order

Making a story anything but predictable is what creates a great book in my opinion - that and tension. Each page is filled with it, pulling like a tight rubber band.

Other people might not have a single issue with the thug lovin wahida clark. This series has taken the world by storm, and is full of sex, drugs, murder, and drama, and has set the world of urban fiction on fire.

Clark calls her novels Thug Love Fiction, which is one of the subgenres of urban fiction. She started the company after serving a ten year prison sentence. Clark still writes her novels this thug lovin wahida clark. She wrote and published her early work while still in prison.

It was in prison that she took one creative writing course that helped her write the novels.

Angel, Jaz, and Kyra are at a crossroads in their life. They can either give in to the streets and the men thug lovin wahida clark territory it is or they can go a different way. It will not be easy, especially for three women who like things on the edge.

Not to mention for three women who lead double lives. They will have a hard time leaving that thug lovin wahida clark behind, especially the men who are no good for them.

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The men are drug dealers or pimps or liars or all three. They are tied, by various things, to the very place that could destroy them.

Fans of the novel liked the interesting characters and the author makes it hard for her readers not to be interested thug lovin wahida clark what happens next to this cast of characters. Some found that the novel captured their attention from the beginning and held it until they had finished the novel.

Some have found that once you pick thug lovin wahida clark one of these books, you will be hooked and will have to read many of them, one will just not do. Some found that Clark knows how to write the way people in the urban part of the world talk.


Some did not like the subject matter domestic violence, beating people upand thug lovin wahida clark that it made the novel hard to read. There did not seem to be a whole lot of character development and characters seemed to be interchangeable.

Thug Lovin' - Wahida Clark - Google книги

Some found that it was not for them and that the plot was weak and repetitive. She is both sexy and beautiful. Roz or Tasha is educated, has a good place to live, and a good job as a physical therapist. Roz wants the good life and does not want to go back to the ghetto, but then she meets Thug lovin wahida clark, a man who still thug lovin wahida clark after fast money and shiny stuff.

She later becomes a slave to Trae, her thug boyfriend. Fans of the novel said that they read the novel really fast and that they loved every single word of it. Some found that they kept coming back to read these books, and they really capture what it is like to live in the ghetto.