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Will had watched patiently for hours, waiting for this moment—when the light was uncertain and the guards were yawning, in the last hour of their shift.

Ranger's Apprentice 1: The Ruins Of Gorlan (ebook) by John Flanagan |

The day had been one of the worst he could remember. While his yearmates celebrated, enjoying their feast and then spending their time in lighthearted horseplay through the castle and the village, Will had slipped away to the silence of the forest, a kilometer or so from the castle walls.

There, in the the ruins of gorlan epub software green coolness beneath the trees, he had spent the afternoon reflecting bitterly on the events of the Choosing, nursing the deep pain of disappointment and wondering what the Ranger's paper said.

As the long day wore on, and the shadows began to lengthen in the open fields beside the forest, he came to a decision. He had to know what was on the paper.

Ranger's Apprentice 1: The Ruins Of Gorlan

And he had to know tonight. Once night fell, he made his way back to the castle, avoiding villagers and castle folk alike, and secreted himself in the branches of the fig tree again. On the way, he slipped unnoticed into the kitchens and helped himself to bread, cheese and apples.

He munched moodily on these, barely tasting them, as the evening the ruins of gorlan epub software and the castle began to settle down for the night. He observed the movements of the guards, getting a feeling for their timing as they went on their regular rounds.


In addition to the guard troop, there was a sergeant on duty at the doorway of the tower that led to Baron Arald's quarters.

But he was overweight and sleepy and there was little chance that he would pose a risk to Will.

The Ruins of Gorlan

After all, he had no intention of using the door or the stairway. Over the years, his insatiable curiosity, and a penchant for going places where he wasn't supposed to, had developed within him the skill of moving the ruins of gorlan epub software seemingly open space without being seen. As the wind stirred the upper branches of the trees, they created moving patterns in the moonlight—patterns that Will now used to great effect.


He instinctively matched his movement to the rhythm of the trees, blending easily into the pattern of the yard, becoming part of it and so being concealed by it. In a way, the lack of obvious cover made his task a little easier. The fat sergeant didn't expect anyone to be moving across the open space of the yard.

So, not expecting to see anyone, he failed to do so. Breathless,Will flattened himself against the rough stone of the tower wall. The sergeant was barely five meters away and Will could hear his heavy breathing, but a small buttress in the wall hid him from the man's sight.

He studied the wall in front of him, craning back to look up. The Baron's office window was a long way up, and farther around the tower. To reach it, he would have to climb up, then work his way across the face of the wall, to a spot beyond the point where the sergeant stood guard, then up again to the window.

He licked the ruins of gorlan epub software lips nervously. Unlike the smooth inner walls of the tower, the huge blocks of stone that comprised the tower's outer wall had large gaps between them.

Climbing would be no problem. He'd have plenty of the ruins of gorlan epub software and handholds all the way up. In some places, the stone would have been worn smooth by the weather over the years, he knew, and he'd have to go carefully.

But he'd climbed all the other the ruins of gorlan epub software towers at some time in the past and he expected no real difficulty with this one. But this time, if he were seen, he wouldn't be able to pass it off as a prank. He would be climbing in the middle of the night to a part of the castle where he had no right to be.