The Notebook movie YIFY and YTS subtitles - details. The Notebook subtitles. AKA: Ubis tsignaki. Behind every great love is a great story.. An epic love story centered around an older man who reads aloud to a. Subtitles The Notebook - subtitles english. Notebook, The , 1CD (eng). Uploaded , downloaded x.


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You immediately fall in love with the characters and you the notebook subtitles to follow every step of their doomed love story.

Look out for the lake scene, unbelievable!

Subtitles for YIFY movie The Notebook

I came out of the cinema wanting to go back the notebook subtitles again and watch it all over again. It feels like you are reading a diary watching this film, thats how detailed and wonderful this film is. Cannot really give too much away about the story, all I can say is if you haven't seen this film yet, be sure to see it.

I cannot think of a film more perfect the notebook subtitles Valentines Day! I went into this movie with the misconception of thinking this was just another typical romantic movie, but I was very impressed by this film and the themes portrayed in this movie were handled in a great way.

This movie will have you feeling happy and joyful and the scenery is just brilliant.


You will feel like you are part of the characters, and you will care about them throughout the whole movie. The movie gallops in speed as we are absorbed into the great plot and brilliant acting of all the the notebook subtitles involved.

The Notebook YIFY subtitles

Ryan Gosling is brilliant as the shy and quiet Noah, and Rachael McAdams is superbly beautiful as the star of the movie, Allie. As I said earlier in my review, I did go into the movie not expecting much and that was because I thought it was a typical "boy loves the notebook subtitles movie which are sometimes the notebook subtitles too predictable.

Don't get me wrong, they are some good Romantic movies that pull it off very well, but there are simply too many in that particular genre. The best thing about this movie was the depth of the plot and the actors playing their characters the notebook subtitles well.

The supporting cast were good, and James Marsden deserves a mention for managing to pull of a hard role as the "rich man" well.

Another plus point about this movie was the great script, and you did not see too many "cliches" which is always a good the notebook subtitles in a Romance movie.

It does not matter whether you love romantic movies or hate them, this is NOT just a romantic movie it is so more than that. By the end of the movie you will feel a whole the notebook subtitles of emotions. You will be talking about this movie for a long time.

The notebook subtitles only bad part about this movie is the length, which I think could be shortened a bit but on the whole this was a superb movie which is well worth a watch. Go and Watch this!

Amazing movie which will have you brimming with joy.

This amazing love story can be enjoyed by all. The Notebook is not one of those cheesy chick flicks that often come out, it is a brilliantly written intriguing story about the notebook subtitles young lovers that most people can relate to.

Even most males will the notebook subtitles that this movie pulls at your heart strings. Filled with fabulous quotes, and sentimental moments I found this movie to be one of the best I've seen.

The Notebook YIFY and YTS subtitles - details

I got to know both main characters and found myself relating to each of them. Most of us the notebook subtitles our first love and that strong connection we had with them.

This movie makes us think of what could have been and gives us a fresh look at the meaning of true love. I recommend this movie to anyone the notebook subtitles a heart.

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  • The Notebook YIFY subtitles - details

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks Often times when a movie comes from source material such as a novel the notebook subtitles did well, the people who were fans of the book end up not liking the movie as much.

Sometimes those same fans even end up hating the movie, or not even giving it a chance by seeing it. Such was the case, that I already knew the ending of Nicholas Sparks's novel even before I got the notebook subtitles the theater.

Let me clear up though, that the best thing the notebook subtitles the film was that I ended up getting wrapped in the story on the screen, rather than sitting there thinking to myself what part of the story should be coming next.