Attacking with the Benko Gambit, Volume 2 by GM Alejandro Ramirez Ramirez also shows the dynamic differences between c5 and e6. : The Dynamic Benko Gambit An Attacking Repertoire for Black: pages. Dimensions: in. x in. x Benko Gambit is a great. The author of The Dynamic Benkö Gambit is the well-known Belarusian GM Sergey Kasparov who has almost made a living from playing the.


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Later, a miracle happened and the game ended in a draw. In other words, keep the The dynamic benko gambit recommendations in mind if you decide to play the sharp Ne4 lines against White's set-up with 1. The chapters on the English are very impressive.

The Dynamic Benko Gambit : An Attacking Repertoire for Black

The author provides Black with several choices, cunning move orders, and a couple the dynamic benko gambit theoretical novelties against the English. Turns out that the resulting positions are clearly in black favor after 19…Rc1.

Ramirez' 19… Bd5 was the computer's second choice. I asked myself the question what move has a better practical value? The computer-generated Rc1 or the human move I searched the Chessbase online database, expecting at least one game with either 19…Rc1 or 19…Bd5.

Attacking with the Benkö Gambit - Part 2 | ChessBase

Unfortunately, the search yielded no results. I decided to refine the search with similar position plus Karjakin as Black and the game Caruana versus KarjakinDubai appeared on my screen. To my surprise, the piece sacrifice on e6 which Black wants to prevent with This is the type of book that many readers desire.

He presents very thorough coverage of all standard Benko lines before moving on to the rarer ones, such as 4 a4 and even 4 e4. There's also a section on White's attempts to avoid the Benko altogether, usually by refusing to play 4 c2-c4 after 1 d4 Nf6 2 Nf3 c5 3 d5 d6.

The author cannot be accused of not practicing what he preaches; his own games are used throughout the book as are plenty of games by other players, including Carlsen and Gelfand.

Strong club players will feel at home with the dynamic benko gambit material given in this repertoire book. Why is he better at all? I can imagine many amateur players, for whom this work the dynamic benko gambit written, would feel several questions still remained unanswered.

Having played countless games with this opening, the author decided to include many games of his own in the book. The first example the dynamic benko gambit in the first chapter "The Fianchetto Bg2" which shows Kasparov taking a different course from Aveskulov by starting off with the main variation.

Emphasising the importance of understanding the position rather than investigating novelties at move 25, Kasparov sums up key strategic ideas for both sides. On the other hand, chess is a very the dynamic benko gambit game and in many cases the author refrains from delving deeper into the position by analysing alternatives, especially in the earlier stages of the game.

Throughout the book several travel experiences are shared with us.


About to introduce the Fianchetto Variation, Kasparov seizes the chance to get this off his chest: I faced this variation for the first time in a tournament in Egypt. Yes, chess competitions are held there too. Only a year ago it was a rather safe country with lots of tourists.

The The dynamic benko gambit federation sensibly arranged two opens in succession: It was economic for both the participants and the organizers.