Start studying Testosterone Rules - Sapolsky. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Clear rules about politeness and hospitality. Measures of the stress response (such as blood pressure, heart rate, testosterone levels), showed that the. Testosterone rules. AUTHOR(S). Sapolsky, Robert. PUB. DATE. March SOURCE. Discover;Mar, Vol. 18 Issue 3, p SOURCE TYPE. Periodical.


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Role testosterone rules sapolsky the hormone testosterone in a person's aggressiveness; Link of testosterone to both sex and aggression; Increase in testosterone levels after testosterone rules sapolsky increase in Saliva testosterone level was positively correlated with height, and uncorrelated with measures of Role of testosterone in the development of the length of man's index finger in relation to his ring finger; Does testosterone make waves of electrical excitation surge down the stria terminalis?

Does it turn on that pathway?

Testosterone rules

If and only testosterone rules sapolsky the amygdala is already sending an excited volley down the stria terminalis, testosterone increases the rate of such activity by shortening the testosterone rules sapolsky time between bouts.

Just the interaction between the two. Do you want to know how important environment and experience are in understanding testosterone and aggression?

Look back at how the effects of castration are discussed earlier. There were statements like Remove the source of testosterone in species after species and levels of aggression typically plummet.

Not Remove the source. On the average it declines, but rarely testosterone rules sapolsky zero, and not at all in some individuals.

And the more social experience an individual had being aggressive prior to castration, the more likely that behavior persists sans cojones.

Testosterone Can Make Men Feel Generous - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

In the right context, social conditioning can more than make up for the complete absence of the hormone. A case in point: These animals are fast becoming the darlings of endocrinologists, sociobiologists, gynecologists, and tabloid writers because of their wild sex reversal system.

Females are more muscular and more aggressive than males, and are socially dominant to them, testosterone rules sapolsky traits in testosterone rules sapolsky mammalian world. So high androgen levels would seem, again, to cause aggression and social dominance.


Various scientists are studying their sex reversal system. The female hyenas are bigger and more muscular than the males and have the same weirdo genitals testosterone rules sapolsky elevated androgen levels as their female cousins back in the savanna.

Everything is just as it is in the wild--except the social system. As those hyenas grew up, there was a very significant delay in the time it took for the females to begin socially dominating the males, even though the females were stoked testosterone rules sapolsky androgens.

They had to grow up without the established social system to learn from.

This enthusiasm is typically reductive--because of physics envy, because reductionism is so impressive, because it would be so nice if there were a testosterone rules sapolsky gene or hormone or neurotransmitter or part of the brain responsible for everything.

This is no mere academic subject.


We are a fine species with some potential, yet we are racked by sickening amounts of violence. Unless we are hermits, we feel the threat of it, often every day, and should testosterone rules sapolsky leaders push the button, we will all be lost in a final global violence.