Like other JRPG's today, Tales of Graces f has gone away with the random encounter system. This means that you can avoid battles by simply. Dive into our huge unofficial Tales of Graces F Walkthrough and game guide to discover all you need to know to complete this superb JRPG. All the important. ~Tales of Graces f~ FAQ & Walkthrough Version send me a PM on GameFAQs/post on the Tales of Graces f message board right here.


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As an adult, he meets the high expectations set by his father and receives great respect from the citizens.

Tales of Graces f FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs

A man who dislikes conflict, Richard has a fundamentally sound personality that is key to being a good ruler. Despite his many positive qualities, there is uncertainty in the air around the palace tales of graces f walkthrough to who will be the next king.

Richard makes it through the tough times thanks to his best friend, Asbel.

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  • II. Version History

Asbel Asbel is your standard "Tales of" swordsman, except that his fighting style consists of both his sword and his sheath. Because he can do speedy transitions between the latter and the former, he's able to handle himself well in most of the situations he'll find himself in and can take care of a wide array of enemies with little issue.

Switching from sword back tales of graces f walkthrough sheath takes a bit longer, but after you learn a few skills down the road you can go back and forth with no delay.

He's a good fit in just tales of graces f walkthrough any party and easy to use, so he fits his role as a main character well.

Tales of Graces f FAQs/Walkthroughs - Neoseeker

Sheath AssaultSword Burst Sophie Sophie is a fairly unique character in that she uses nothing but her fists to plow tales of graces f walkthrough enemies.

She is able to approach and evade very quickly, and can unleash a flurry of attacks in a very short timespan both physical and ranged, depending on the style she's in. Sophie even has a few healing spells in her artesenal this was originally a typo but it's such a terrible pun that I'm keeping itthough they are single target.

Despite being such a speedy girl she lacks area of effect attacks, making her easy to ambush.


Still, you shouldn't have many situations where she's on her own, so she's a solid addition all the same. Close Range Fists AssaultMixed Tales of graces f walkthrough Hubert Hubert's main weapon is a double-bladed sword that allows him to do a sizeable amount of damage, permitting him to physically take on enemies just as well as Asbel despite his looks.


However, his defense and HP values aren't nearly as high as his brother's, meaning he'll need to space himself often in battle. Thankfully when he switches styles the sword splits off into two guns, which lets him not only tales of graces f walkthrough his distance but also cast a healing spell should he need it.

He's a bit like Sophie in this regard, albeit for different reasons; he can play keep-away easily, but without a support system he'll quickly fall prey to the enemy onslaught. In her assault mode she can throw daggers to damage the enemy physically from a safe tales of graces f walkthrough, while in her burst mode she boasts both offensive and healing spells that target multiple enemies and allies respectively.

The draw of Cheria's physical attacks is that she doesn't have to wait for them to hit; she can move again right after throwing and get herself to a safer distance. Another upside to her physical attacks is that due to the charging aspect of the CC system she can perform criticals the easiest in the entire party.


This works very well in her favour, as her physical defense is even worse than Hubert's and she has one of the slowest movement speeds in battle. Surprisingly, her other stats are actually comparable to Asbel and she has the highest cryas defense in the party, making poor weapons throughout the main game tales of graces f walkthrough of her glaring shortcomings.

With certain titles lowering her casting speed she can become quite the threat in battle, though she should definitely not be used directly by beginners as she has a steep learning curve.

Introduction - Tales of Graces F Guide

Malik is a ranged character through and through. While he may seem similar to Cheria on paper, they do have certain noticeable differences.

Cheria has no delay after throwing her daggers while Malik does have one after throwing his boomerang, however this is compensated due to his throwing arc being able to damage multiple enemies more easily.

His burst style also features more offensive spells compared to his female counterpart, though he lacks any means of healing allies. Back to the "don't judge a book by its tales of graces f walkthrough thing, his high HP is counteracted by his lack of defense. He shouldn't be anywhere near enemies though, so tales of graces f walkthrough only thing to watch out for are long ranged attacks.