Tactical Knives (ISSN X) was a knife magazine that was published six times per year by Harris Publications. The magazine had its headquarters in. Find great deals for Tactical Knives Magazine Kraken Frontline Fighter Satori Tanto Jul Shop with confidence on eBay! I can´t find anyone or anywhere to buy a subscription to this magazine from and have it mailed overseas. Can someone recommend someone.


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Camillus Featured in Tactical Knives Magazine

What right do I have to teach this? Page Drills are only for understanding they have no life of their own Page Conceptual striking patterns Filipino patterns of attack Page Checking Hand Its how we stay alive Page Strikings Conceptual usage of planes of motion Strikings and Cuts Page Types of Striking and cutting reality in combat Page Double weapons two is obviously better than one Page Biomechanical cutting deanimation of the tactical knives magazine Page Blocking counter attack anyone can attack defense must be learned Page Forms Stepping into a structured Reality Page Abecedario The alphabet of the angles of attack Page The truth in using sticks steel hidden inside Page Ranges of Combat Hes how far way?

Handle scales are made up of two-toned olive green and black G10 with white liners. It is the tactical knives magazine knife of the batch I received from Ryan made from carbon steel. The Agro is a medium-sized knife measuring out at 10 inches in overall length.

Like its little brother, the High Uintas, it also has a 4. There is a 3.

The 5-inch long carbon steel blade has a very distinct drop to it and a handsome hamon. Agro II is very similar to its counterpart the Agro. tactical knives magazine

Tactical Knives Magazine Kraken Frontline Fighter Satori Tanto Jul14 | eBay

It has a larger handle measuring 5 inches long, with a 5-inch long hand-forged San Mai steel drop-point blade. It has a center core of carbon steel sandwiched between two pieces of wrought iron from an old anchor chain.

The tactical knives magazine an etch and becomes grey oxidizedwhile the wrought iron remains bright.

This knife also has the widest blade at 1. Tactical knives magazine scales are made up of green and black G10 and four hollow pins. The author made a quick Piute deadfall trap using the Lorien to fashion all the working pieces. Oak and green branches were cut and notched with the Lorien. The KOA wood tactical knives magazine remained comfortable throughout all the work done with the Lorien.

That explains the 5-inch long handle giving a little extra space for use with gloves, or Paul Bunion type of hands.

This is a stout knife. It has a 4.


The tactical knives magazine scales are made up of black G10 with green liners and spacers and two lanyard holes, one in the middle of the handle, and the other is tactical knives magazine conventionally at the end of the handle.

Light chopping was achieved with the Lorien by choking way back on the handle. The thin edge geometry made liming green branches for trap parts effortless.

The Lorien has an overall length of The Lorien has a distinct drop to the blade and a nice recurve.

Camillus Featured in Tactical Knives Magazine

This blade looks more like tactical knives magazine knife that may be seen in an old spaghetti western due to its Bowie styled clip point with a 4-inch sharpened false edge. With a handle length of 4. The handle scales are made of stabilized KOA wood for a tactical knives magazine look and feel, which is quite the contrast to G Using tactical knives magazine blade in this manner, with two hands, gave good control on a knife of this size.

There are no rules in knife testing, but I have my own ritual. I open the package and marvel at the unique features of the knives that need to be pointed out, including the sheaths.


I select the smallest one for my EDC and hiking trips and then a larger knife for heavier work. During this time, I make it a tactical knives magazine to cut various types of materials like food, plant and tree matter that could potentially stain or mark up the blade.

The High Uinta, because of its size, was the obvious choice for me to select for my outdoors activities like backpacking and hiking. A small knife like tactical knives magazine screams to be used for finer detailed work like carving and doing fire prep.