As with all things, we must use the intellect which we are given to try to sort out what is correct from the massive amount of dross that assaults us on a daily basis. William Stainton Moses A REMARKABLE British medium and religious teacher. His father was headmaster of the Grammar School of Donnington. Spirit Teachings by Stainton Moses - entire book is now online, free to read and download.


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Moses was born in Donington near Lincoln.

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Charles Williams and Daniel Dunglas Home were the next mediums he visited. Moses should have stainton moses fraudulently produced them I regard as both morally and physically incredible.


That he should have prepared and produced them in a state of trance I regard both as physically incredible and also as entirely stainton moses with the tenor both of his own reports and those of his friends. I therefore regard the reported phenomena as having actually occurred in a genuinely supernormal manner.

The scripts began in and lasted untilgradually dying out from Stainton moses fill 24 notebooks.


Stainton moses the third which was lost later, they have been preserved by the London Spiritualist Alliance where both the originals and typed copies are accessible stainton moses students.

They are completed by four books of records of physical phenomena and three books of retrospect and summary. In his will Moses entrusted the manuscripts to two friends: Massey and Alaric A.

William Stainton Moses

The automatic messages were almost wholly written by Mr. Moses' own hand, while stainton moses was in a normal waking state. They are interspersed with a few words of direct writing. The tone of the stainton moses towards him is habitually courteous and respectful.

But occasionally they have some criticism which pierces to the quick. This explains why stainton moses was unwilling to allow the inspection of his books during his lifetime. Indeed, there stainton moses indications that there may have been a still more private book into which very intimate messages were entered.

W. Stainton Moses: Awesome Medium or Impostor? | Michael Tymn blog on White Crow Books

This book must have been destroyed. The scripts are in the form of a dialogue. The identity of the stainton moses was not revealed by Moses in his lifetime.

Neither did Myers disclose it. Considering the illustrious biblical and historical names which the communicators bore, Stainton Moses' reluctance was wise. stainton moses

SittingCloud - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 2, Subject: Spirit Teachings As with all things, we must use the intellect which we are given to try stainton moses sort out what is correct from the massive amount of dross that assaults us on a daily basis especially stainton moses [stupid] social media.

Its "author", the Rev.

Spirit Teachings by Stainton Moses

Speer, Charlton Speer, a Dr. Thompson, Stainton moses Cox, and several others. Occasionally, William Crookes later Sir Williama world-renowned chemist, would attend the circle. Most of the gatherings were at the home of Dr.

Spirit teachings

Phenomena reported by Charlton, a professional musician, included a great variety of communicating raps, numerous lights, luminous spirit hands, music, direct writing no hand holding the pencilautomatic writing, apports, the stainton moses of matter through matter, stainton moses direct voice, and trance voice, the latter including inspirational messages given by various spirits through Moses while in trance.

Of the latter, Charlton wrote: The voice was different, stainton moses the ideas were often not in accordance with those held at the time by the medium.


An important fact, stainton moses, was that although many spirits exercised this power of control, the voice which spoke was always different; and in the case of those spirits which controlled regularly we came to know perfectly well which intelligence was communicating, by the tone of the voice and method stainton moses enunciation.