La història de Síria comprèn els esdeveniments que han tingut lloc en aquest país des de la prehistòria fins a l'actualitat, marcats per la situació geogràfica. Cardamomo relata la historia de amor entre un médico cooperante y una hermosa joven siria. Una historia de amor puro, un homenaje a los miles de. Textos para una historia politica de Siria-Palestina / Texts For A Political History Of Syria Palestine: El bronce antiguo y medio / Ancient and Oriente / Akal.


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It is accordingly understood between the French and British governments: One That France and Great Britain are prepared to recognize siria historia protect an independent Siria historia states or a confederation of Arab states a and b marked on the annexed map, under the suzerainty of an Arab chief.

Reino Árabe da Síria

That in siria historia a France, and in area b Great Britain, shall have priority of right of enterprise and local loans.

That in area a France, and in area b Great Britain, shall alone supply advisers or foreign functionaries at the request of the Arab state or confederation of Arab states. Two That in the blue area France, and in the red area Great Britain, shall be allowed to establish such direct or indirect administration or control as they desire and as they may think fit to arrange with the Arab state or siria historia of Arab states.

Three That in the brown area there shall be established an international administration, the form of which is to be decided upon after consultation with Siria historia, and subsequently in consultation with the other allies, and the representatives of the sheriff of Mecca.


Four Siria historia Great Britain be accorded 1 the ports of Haifa and Acre, 2 guarantee of a given supply of water from the tigres and Euphrates in area a for area b.

Five That Alexandretta shall be a free port as regards the trade of the British empire, and that there shall be no discrimination in port charges or facilities as regards British shipping and British goods; that there shall be freedom of transit for British goods through Alexandretta and by railway through the blue area, or b area, or area a ; and there shall be no discrimination, direct or indirect, against British goods on any railway or against British goods or ships at any port serving the areas mentioned.

That Haifa shall be a free port siria historia regards the trade of France, her dominions and protectorates, and there shall be no discrimination in port charges or facilities as regards French shipping and French goods.

Història de Síria - Viquipèdia, l'enciclopèdia lliure

There shall be freedom of transit for French goods through Haifa and by the British railway through the brown area, whether those goods are intended for or originate in the blue area, area aor area band there shall be no discrimination, direct or indirect, against French goods on any railway, or against French goods or ships at any siria historia serving the areas mentioned.

Six That in area a the Siria historia railway shall not be extended southwards beyond Mosul, and in area b northwards beyond Samarra, until a railway connecting Baghdad and Aleppo via the Euphrates valley has been completed, and then only with the concurrence of the two governments.


Seven That Great Britain has the right to build, administer, and be sole owner of a railway connecting Siria historia with area band shall have a perpetual right to transport troops along such a line at all times. It is to siria historia understood by both governments that this railway is to facilitate the connection of Baghdad with Haifa by rail, and it is further understood that, if the engineering difficulties and expense entailed by keeping this connecting line in the brown area only make the project unfeasible, that the French government shall be prepared to consider that the line in question may also traverse the Polgon Banias Keis Marib Salkhad tell Otsda Mesmie before reaching area b.

Eight For a siria historia of twenty years the existing Turkish customs tariff shall remain in force throughout the whole of the blue and red areas, as well as in areas a and band no increase in the rates of duty or conversions from ad valorem to specific rates shall be made except by agreement between the two powers.

There shall be no interior customs barriers between any of the above mentioned areas. The customs duties leviable on goods destined siria historia the interior shall be collected at the port of entry and handed over to the administration of the area of destination.

Ten The British and French government, as the protectors of the Arab state, shall agree that they will not themselves acquire and will not consent to a third power acquiring territorial possessions in the Arabian peninsula, nor consent to a third power installing a naval base either on the east coast, or on the islands, of the red sea.

Relações entre Estados Unidos e Síria

This, however, shall not prevent such adjustment of the Aden frontier siria historia may be necessary in consequence of recent Turkish aggression. Eleven The negotiations with the Arabs as to the boundaries of the Arab states shall be continued through siria historia same channel as heretofore on behalf of the two powers.


Twelve It is agreed that measures to control the importation of arms into the Arab territories will be considered by the two governments. Copies of these notes will be communicated to your Excellency as soon as exchanged. I would also venture to remind your Excellency that the conclusion of the present agreement raises, for practical consideration, the question of siria historia of Siria historia to a share in any partition siria historia rearrangement of Turkey in Asia, as formulated in Article 9 of the agreement of the 26th April,between Italy and the allies.