Shadow of Freedom by David Weber - New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journaland international bestselling phenomenon David Weber delivers book. Storm from the Shadows is a science fiction novel by American writer David Weber, released in The actions in this book overlap those in At All Costs and Torch of Freedom. This novel, like The Shadow of Saganami, is almost entirely from the. The latest novel in the Honorverse, Shadow of Freedom, continues that trend. A Shadow of Freedom overlaps a bit chronologically with A.


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But the League is the most powerful star nation in the history of humanity. Its navy is going to be back — and this time with thousands of superdreadnoughts. Yet she also knows scores of other star systems — some independent, some controlled by puppet regimes, and some simply conquered outright by the Shadow of freedom david weber Office of Frontier Security — lie in the League's grip along its frontier with the Talbott Quadrant.

Shadow of Freedom | Book by David Weber | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I feel like I shadow of freedom david weber dread and anticipate each new release. Over the course of each novel that sense of excitement and satisfaction waxes and wanes but the long ish gaps between novels makes what feels like a lack of forward momentum somewhat disheartening.

The latest novel in the Honorverse, Shadow of Freedom, continues that trend. The Shadow of freedom david weber present on the island are essentially left to their own devices, under the watchful eye of one Havenite officer, who is responsible for providing what is needed to Henke and the other PoWs under her responsibility to live in relative comfort.

Review: Shadow of Freedom (Honorverse) by David Weber

Although it appears that any time the PoWs on the island could just build a boat and leave, the island is actually under round-the-clock surveillance from space and, if necessary, a team of Havenite Shadow of freedom david weber Marines are ready at all times to prevent an escape in less than fifteen minutes.

This experience significantly changes Henke's view of Haven.


She realizes that Theisman and Pritchart really have restored the honor of the Havenite military, which previously had been considerably less noble shadow of freedom david weber its treatment of prisoners.

Henke spends six months as commanding officer of the Manticoran PoWs. One day, the Havenite military sends an aircar to the island, and she is summoned once again to the company of Theisman and Pritchart.

Henke is informed that she will be paroled by shadow of freedom david weber Havenite military, a practice previously unheard of. There is one more stipulation: Henke must give her legally binding oath that she will not command a force against the Havenite military, or otherwise act against the interests of Haven.

Review: Shadow of Freedom (Honorverse) by David Weber – King of the Nerds!!!

This she does, and Henke is sent back shadow of freedom david weber Manticoran territory. Henke convinces a reluctant Queen Elizabeth to personally meet with Pritchart on the capitol planet of the neutral Kingdom of Torch, which had been established by a covert joint effort between Manticore and Haven in the book Crown of Slavesduring the truce that preceded the current conflict.


In the meantime, Henke and Manticore are put in a dilemma: Yet, she is one of Manticore's finest tacticians, and the Manticoran Bureau of Personnel recognizes that her talents should not be wasted.

Thus, she is assigned to become second in command to Vice Admiral Khumaloin the distant Talbott cluster, which, in The Shadow of Saganamisuccessfully petitioned via plebiscite to become annexed by the Star Kingdom.

shadow of freedom david weber

While Talbott on the surface seems to be a relatively quiet and peaceful place far away from the titanic conflict between Haven and Manticore, things are not as they seem. In Saganami, the malevolent interstellar slaver corporation known as Manpower Shadow of freedom david weber attempted to use a local nation known as Monica as a proxy to force the Star Kingdom from Talbott, and take shadow of freedom david weber of the lucrative wormhole terminus located there.

By convenient chance, Captain Aivars Terekhovcommander of the heavy cruiser HMS Hexapuma stationed in Talbott, uncovered the plot and in a daring assault on the Monica system, completely destroyed Monica's military, thus ending the threat it posed to Manticoran control of Talbott.

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Not on Mike Henke's watch. Billed as " 18 in the multiply-bestselling Honor Harrington series" and with the blurb above, Shadow of Freedom follows the recent Honorverse tradition of separating multiple action theaters into a few books taking place in roughly the same timeline and containing fragments and even full chapters from previous novels, both for reference and for additional perspective.

The interaction of gravity effects also manifest in much shadow of freedom david weber, generally widely scattered wormholesthrough which hyperdrive equipped ships can travel virtually instantaneously between the wormhole's end points.

In some systems, several of these wormholes are found to be co-located forming an irresistible trading nexus, perhaps because their ends have some mathematical affinity: The greatest known aggregation of these co-located "Junctions" or Terminus Loci occurs in the Manticore binary star systemwhose wormholes connect the wormhole junction to six later seven other star systems, giving shadow of freedom david weber Manticore system an astrographic position to be coveted, and an immense revenue stream from transit tolls, manufacturing and trade, and a large carrying trade.