Seven Years to Sin is a smart, sensual story of a young woman's sexual awakening at the hands of a handsome rogue in Regency England. Seven years ago. Seven Years to Sin. Seven years ago, on the eve of her wedding, proper Lady Jessica Sheffield witnessed a licentious scene no innocent young miss could imagine. Shocked, yet strangely titillated, she'd held her silence regarding scandalous Alistair Caulfield, and walked down the aisle as expected. When Lady Jessica Sheffield makes a transatlantic voyage on Alistair Caulfield's ship, she decides to act upon the fantasies she has been having about this.


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He also made some quick but costly adjustments to the passenger list, moving two additional travelers to another of his ships. He and Jessica would be the only non-crewmen aboard the Acheron.

She would be within close proximity for weeks—it was an extraordinary opportunity Alistair was determined not to waste.

From the seven years to sin comfort of her town coach, Jessica stared at the sleek ship before her, her gaze following the proud line of its polished deck and the soaring height of its three masts.

It was one of the most impressive vessels docked, which she should have expected considering how anxious Michael was about her making the journey. He would have taken great pains to seven years to sin her comfort and welfare.

The smell of the ocean drew her attention back to the industriously noisy West India docks. Excitement made her heart race, or perhaps it was apprehension. Society on the lush Caribbean island—such as it was—had fewer preconceived notions about her, and the pace and structure of events were more relaxed.

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She looked forward to enjoying moments of solitude after the last few months of well-intentioned suffocation. Jess watched as her footmen carried her trunks up the gangplank to the main deck in quick succession.

The bright blue of Pennington livery was conspicuous among the less colorful attire of the seamen around them. Soon seven years to sin, there was no reason for her to delay in the carriage any longer. She alighted with the help of a seven years to sin, smoothed her pale lavender silk skirts, then set off without looking back.


As she gained the deck, she felt the rolling of the ship beneath her feet and took a moment to absorb the novel sensation. His attire and bearing told her he was the captain before he spoke.

Seven Years to Sin

But as she descended the stairs, her admiration was redirected to the impressive interior of the vessel. The paneled companion and passageway gleamed with polish, as did the brass hardware that secured the doors and hung the flashlamps.

The cabin Jess entered was small, but well-appointed with a narrow bed, a modestly-sized rectangular window, and a seven years to sin table with two chairs.

On the sole by one of her trunks sat a crate of her favorite claret. And she was deeply appreciative that, for the next few seven years to sin at least, she would not have to anticipate how to respond to others in a manner that made them feel better. He was a flawed individual but who loved Jessica with absolutely all of his heart.

Seven Years to Sin — All About Romance

His devotion to her was beautiful. I also really liked Jessica. Both of them had pasts they needed to heal from and I loved watching them fall in love, help each other heal, and realize how desperately they truly needed each other.

As for how it compares to Bared to You … it was not like the historical version of it or anything, but I could definitely see how this was where the inspiration for BTY came from. Jess quickly discovers that Alistair has also not forgotten that scandalous night, and he now intends on using seven years to sin tools of seduction he possesses to convince her to finally become his.

In addition to an abundance of supercharged sensuality, Day gives her latest sizzlingly sexy Regency seven years to sin an added layer of emotional depth in a thoughtful secondary plot involving spousal abuse.