Hey there i am working on this project initiated by an NGO here to supply drinking water to poor people and avoid wastage of water. the theory. Click Here To Download RFID Based ATM Machine ECE Final Year -frequency identification (RFID) is the automatic identification. BASIC IDEA: An ATM with a currency dispenser includes a contactless card reader. The contactless card reader can read data from an RFID tag of a customer's.


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User stress related to fear that their card will not be returned by the machine can be eliminated. Potential users previously reluctant to use an ATM because of such fear can use an ATM without the worry of their card being lost in or captured by the machine.

Because an ATM card can remain with the user at all times, the arrangement can also reduce or eliminate fraudulent schemes to trap a card or skim card data. For example, an ATM rfid based atm machine automatically read the tag information, process the rfid based atm machine, and prompt the user by name to enter a PIN number.

ATM Machine using RFID and GSM

The tag memory is able to store data corresponding to one or more recent account transactions. The ATMs have a writer device for updating the card's tag memory with the latest transaction data e.

The transaction data can act as a rfid based atm machine receipt or a series of receipts.

The card owner may have a personal computer that can wirelessly read the RFID tag to obtain the transaction data from the card memory.

The financial program can apply the transaction data to rfid based atm machine the user's account. The ATM writer device can supplement or overwrite the data stored in tag memory.


If necessary, rfid based atm machine card owner can erase the tag memory after reading the data through operation of their home computer. In other arrangements which are described in more detail hereinafter, the transaction data in the RFID tag can be rfid based atm machine read from a distance.

For example, a card memory may be read without its removal from its stored location e. A user may have a smart house in which the RFID memory data can be read by a tag reader and automatically delivered to the user's PC for input to a financial computer program.

The structure of a smart house may enable the card memory data to be read upon the owner with the card entering the house, and then load the transaction data into the financial program.

In alternative embodiments this can be done with a reader attached to the PC and the user bringing the card adjacent the reader at an appropriate time during operation of the financial program.

US7284692B1 - ATM with RFID card, note, and check reading capabilities - Google Patents

For example, the same card may have several RFID tags, each only usable for a specific purpose. One tag can be an ATM tag which is readable by an ATM, whereas another tag is a fuel purchase tag readable rfid based atm machine a fuel pump, whereas a further tag is a credit card tag.

The generic RFID data tag can include information which can rfid based atm machine used in conjunction with data provided by or stored in one or more other tags on the multi-use card. For example, an RFID card reader can have an increased e.


For example, an RFID tag may be associated with a wallet or purse. The tag could be embedded in the wallet.

Other items such as eye glasses, keys, and clothing may also be used to hold or hide an RFID tag. The tag may be positioned at any location associated with a customer that enables its reading thereof by an RFID tag reader associated with an automated banking machine. For example, an RFID reading device may be situated to read a tag rfid based atm machine on a window, mirror e.

The ATM can automatically read the tag information as the auto is approaching the ATM fascia, process the information, and prompt the user by name to enter a PIN number. That is, the speed of rfid based atm machine or more computers associated with an ATM may be able to present a welcome display screen to a rfid based atm machine named customer prior to or simultaneously with that customer actually arriving or stopping or parking at the ATM.

The vehicle 80 is approaching the ATM The reading devices 76, 78 are operative to respectively read an RFID tag located in a front or rear view of the vehicle. The reading device 76 is positioned to read a tag from the rear of the vehicle, whereas the reading device 78 is positioned to read a tag from the front of the vehicle.

The reading devices are in connection e.