Salò o le giornate di Sodoma (original title) . An aging porn star agrees to participate in an "art film" in order to make a clean break from the business, only  Missing: republic ‎| ‎Must include: ‎republic. Pasolini's movie Salò, or the Days of Sodom is a conflation of the with the historical Italian Social Republic, also known as the Republic of Salò, the l. The internet exposed me to the depths of human cruelty, but it was Pasolini's masterpiece that truly disgusted and beguiled me.


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The closing shot is of two of the guards casually dancing a tango together To this day, debate rages amongst critics and film classification organizations as republic salo movie whether the film is nothing more than exploitative, voyeuristic trash bordering on child porn or a legitimate piece of art and satire regarding fascism.

A melting pot of many aspects of Pier Paolo Pasolini's life; Italian Fascism, homosexuality, Roman Catholicism; unlike David Lynch he never made any secret of what the film's intention as a piece of art was; a Take That!

There are also specific republic salo movie attributed to more specific scenes; the coprophilic scenes for example were said by Pasolini to be a Take That!

More than a few people regard the film as Pasolini's Take That to the entire human race. The film was Pasolini's last. Shortly before its release he was murdered by being run down with his own car.

Some say he was murdered due to the content of this film, some say it was due to political reasons, some say it was by a teenage male prostitute whom Pasolini had attempted to hit on.

Is the story of the Salo movie real ,or a fiction of the screen writer? - Quora

We may never know the truth. Some critics have espoused that Republic salo movie made the film solely to get his rocks off, in a similar manner as de Sade did by writing the book. Pasolini was indeed gay, but it's not known if he had rape or faeces fetishes.

He is passionate about anal sex even when having sex with women and girls, refusing to have vaginal republic salo movie with them.


Storytellers, Middle-age prostitutes Caterina Boratto as Signora Castelli; a prideful, cruel prostitute who jokes about horrible instances. Tells stories during the Circle of Blood.

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Elsa De Giorgi as Signora Maggi; a coprophiliac who finds republic salo movie shame in defecating in front of others. Committed matricide for a nobleman. Tells stories during the Circle of Shit. Tells stories during the Circle of Manias.

Salò, or the Days of Sodom - Wikipedia

Sonia Saviange as The Pianist; soft-spoken, she plays continuously republic salo movie the day, but is secretly very distressed at republic salo movie actions around her. Commits suicide during the final day.

Soldiers or Studs Rinaldo Missaglia as Stud; like the Duke is strongly built, chauvinistic and very sadistic; enjoys tormenting female victims with verbal abuse and degrading them. Giuseppe Patruno as Stud; the calmest of the studs. Guido Galletti as Stud; with bisexual tendencies and has relations with the Bishop.

Efisio Etzi as Stud; most cruel and degenerate. Mistreats victims, especially women.


Collaborators Claudio Troccoli as The Collaborator; a teenager but cruel republic salo movie and as depraved as the Masters. Fabrizio Menichini as The Collaborator; another teenager and quiet soldier recruited at the beginning of the film.

Like the Pianist is secretly very distressed at the actions around him.