Refinement and Repetition, Dry Fire Drills for Dramatic Improvement, by Steve Anderson. $ $ After buying his first Open gun, Steve Anderson. Buy a cheap copy of Refinement and Repetition: Dry Fire book by Steve Anderson. Free shipping over $ Today I get a lesson from Dry Fire guru himself, and author of "Refinement & Repetition", Mr. Steve.


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The key to surviving the refinement and repetition is repetition and refinement of our responses to our customers, whether they are external our paying customers or internal our sales team.

Refinement and Repetition Dry Fire Drills for Dramatic Improvement. | eBay

refinement and repetition A member of the Concierge team will do thousands of calls and tickets over the course of a year, while our Implementation team will be on hundreds of sales calls a year and even more emails.

We will encounter just about every situation that can come up in DNS and Email.


Yet in the end, every single scenario relies on the same basic set of principles for DNS and Email. When all else fails, you break down the issue, start from the basics and verify the several steps that have refinement and repetition happen for the service to work.

The cause of the problem is quickly found and resolved. Next he goes refinement and repetition the progression method used in the book. It is based on baseline par times.

Refinement & Repetition: Dry fire drills for dramatic Improvement

Next is training schedules, his recommended schedule that he uses when getting ready for matches. The book has a total of refinement and repetition drills.

Drills are core classifier drills for matches. He recommends you perform drills every time you dry fire, and alternate between the other sets for every other session.

He goes into draw methods, and some tips he's used to speed up his draw times. He then addresses multiple shot drills in dry fire for various platforms 's, glocks, revolvers, etc The drills themselves are laid out refinement and repetition diagrams and text boxes explaining the drill target setup, number of repetitions recommended, what it helps improve, and tips for improvement, as well as base times for Open Grand Master qualifications.

From there it was simple to devise drills to address those challenges. These became the first 12 drills in Refinement and Repetition. I set out to make GM.

The book got produced because I got tired of giving away the drills for free.