A facility that is either an organizational part of a governmental entity or over which a governmental unit exercises final administrative control. Examples of public. The Public Institution Understanding the Logic of Cultural Production in the . Though the legal perspective may provide the clearest definition of the public. Find more terms and definitions using our Dictionary Search. Public Institution appears in: Encyclopedia of Information Science and Search inside this book for.


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ADJ n I'd like to see more women in public life, especially Parliament. The abbreviation PA is also used.

Definition & Meaning Public Institution

The abbreviation plc is used after such companies' names. She complained that intimate aspects of her personal life had been made public property. Finally, the funding structure of public cultural institutions have changed substantially over public institution definition past few decades as annual government funding has been replaced with one-time grants and donations from a variety of sources.

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As a result, public cultural institutions turned to public foundations and for- profit corporations for assistance Alexander b; Useem and Kutner In Canada as well, annual government funding for operational costs has seen a decline relative to one-time grants for special projects Jenkins The implication of these funding changes is that public institutions often have to public institution definition from one funding source to the next, making explicit cases 1 Public cultural institutions in Toronto and elsewhere have increasingly pointed to the public good that cultural production public institution definition bring by stimulating tourism and economic development.

Funding is tied to applications, which means that it is also tied to evaluation.

What is Public Institution

This arrangement contrasts with other public institutions that public institution definition funding mainly in the form of annual operating budgets. Institutions such as these need only protect their existing budget and do not have to actively request funding public institution definition different sources.

For these reasons, the public legitimacy of cultural institutions cannot be seen as only implicit, habitual, and self-reinforcing.


The need to constantly build public institution definition renew public legitimacy must be seen as part of the regular public institution definition that public cultural institutions do. It is also work that must be integrated into the general activities required to maintain a complex organization.

Public institutions are faced with many of the same practical challenges that face private cultural producers: In many cases the solutions to these challenges can be construed as anti-public e. Therefore, public institutions must maintain a careful balancing act between convincing outsiders that they are serving the public good, while adopting strategies to serve their own organizational interests.

The Public Institution | Matt Patterson -

Public institution definition this dilemma suggests that research into public institutions would benefit from a Goffmanesque dramaturgical approach Goffman The organizational logic of public institutions involves balancing their front stage work designed to continually build public legitimacy and attract public resources the work that makes them unique from private organizationswith the back stage activities of sustaining a complex organization which they share in common with private organizations.

As I have already mentioned, the sociology of culture has demonstrated how the organizational logic of public institution definition producers impacts their cultural products e.

Bielby and Bielby ; Griswold In the public sector, however, cultural production is not tied directly to profit. Instead it is tied to public legitimacy.


What are the forms of culture that allow public institutions to build and maintain legitimacy? There are many ways to approach this question.


In the reminder public institution definition this paper, I will examine a much smaller, but related question: According to the class-based perspective on public institutions, high culture is essentially a product of the upper-class designed to reinforce inequality.

Public institutions are the mechanisms that formalize and reinforce high culture DiMaggio However, public institution definition given public institution does not create high culture from scratch.


Instead, it must inherit cultural forms that lend themselves toward public legitimacy. Even the first American public institutions drew on the existing court culture of European aristocrats Dowd et al Furthermore, even after the democratization and professionalization of public public institution definition in the 20th century DiMaggio a; Peterson ; Zolberghigh culture continues to be a central form of cultural output.

But why public institution definition high culture lend itself toward public legitimation?