'Game of Thrones' alum Aidan Gillen investigates UFO sightings in the first trailer for History's 'Project Blue Book.' Check out the video. Project Blue Book Originally Project Blue Book was the Air Force name for a project that investigated UFO reports between and In , an. Project Blue Book was a United States Air Force investigation into the existence of UFOs and whether they were a threat to national security, originally started in.


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In his dissenting conclusion, Hynek described Blue Book's conclusions as absurd: Ohio Congressman William Stanton said that "The Air Force has suffered a great loss of prestige in this community … Once people entrusted with the public welfare no longer think the people can handle the truth, then the people, in return, will no project blue book trust the government.

Sleeper noted that Hynek had publicly accused Blue Book of shoddy science, and further asked Hynek to offer advice on how Blue Book could improve its scientific project blue book.

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Hynek was to later declare that Sleeper's letter was "the first time in my 20 year association with the air force as scientific consultant that I had been officially asked for criticism and advice [regarding] … the UFO problem.

In part, he wrote: The project blue book of Blue Book, both in numbers and in scientific training, is grossly inadequate Blue Book suffers … in that it is a closed system The statistical methods employed by Blue Book are nothing less than a travesty.

There has been a lack project blue book attention to significant UFO cases Concentration could be on two or three potentially scientific significant cases per month [instead of being] spread thin over 40 to 70 cases per month.

The information input to Blue Book is grossly inadequate.


An impossible load is placed on Blue Book by the almost consistent failure of UFO officers at local air project blue book to transmit adequate information The basic attitude and approach within Blue Book is illogical and unscientific Inadequate use had been made of the Project scientific consultant [Hynek himself].

Only cases that the project monitor deems worthwhile are brought to his attention. Project blue book scope of operation He often learns of interesting cases only a month or two after the receipt of the report at Blue Book.


Col Quintanilla wrote the manuscript inbut it was not published until after his death. Quintanilla states in the text that he personally believed it arrogant to think human beings were the only intelligent project blue book in the universe.

Yet, while he found it highly likely that intelligent life existed beyond earth, he had no project blue book evidence of any extra terrestrial visitation.

None of these were extraterrestrial or a threat to national security.

Allen Hynek, a science consultant to Blue Book, suggested in an unedited statement that a project blue book panel of physical and social scientists" be formed "for the express purpose of determining whether a major problem really exist" in regards project blue book UFOs.

Condon Committee Criticism of Blue Book continued to grow through the mids. Government with a cover-up of UFO evidence.

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Congressional hearings, the Condon Committee was established inostensibly as a neutral scientific research body. However, the Committee became mired in controversy, with some members charging director Edward U.

Condon with bias, and critics would question the validity and the scientific rigor of project blue book Condon Report.


In the end, the Condon Committee suggested that project blue book was nothing extraordinary about UFOs, and while it left a minority of cases unexplained, the report also argued that further research would not be likely to yield significant results.

According to Sparks, Air Force officials wanted to keep the Air Force's reaction to the UFO problem from overlapping into a fourth decade, and thus altered the date project blue book Blue Book's closure in official files. Major David Shea was to later claim that Maxwell was chosen because it was "accessible yet not too inviting.

A mild form of mass hysteria.