These values were compared with the reference doses of the portaria of. ANVISA, this procedure allows to verify if the recommended dose limits for this. Duarte A F, Figueirôa J, Frassinetti P Conhecimento e atitudes dos odontólogos sobre proteção radiológica em relação à portaria do ministério da. Princípios Basicos de proteção radiológica: ?v=DTOV5WO2AY4 Limites de.


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The interface also provides access to the full text of articles via author index or subject index, or by a search form on article elements such as author names, words portaria 453 title, subject, words from the full text and publication year.

Thyroid protectors may reduce gland exposure in up to 10 times. However, even wearing protective gloves, the physician should avoid hand exposure in portaria 453 radiation field or under the image intensifier, since such portaria 453 is rarely a medical necessity.

Because portaria 453 reduces tactile sensitivity, can prolong the procedure and also cause more radiation in the hand, as such gloves do not provide efficacious protection, their use is not frequent. Protection equipment should be available for free and in good portaria 453 of use in radiodiagnostic services, and health professionals should be able to properly wear and store such equipment.

Physical principles of X ray production X rays are photons originating in the atom electrosphere. portaria 453


Because they are electromagnetic radiations, they have no charge or mass different from alpha and beta nuclear radiations, which are charged and have their own mass numbers and are composed of pure energy, such as visible light. By heating portaria 453 metallic filament called cathode, it causes an accelerated displacement of electrons, which will collide against a metal shield called anode after passing through the vacuum present in X-ray tubes.

The energy of electrons and, consequently, of the X-ray beam generated in the anode is directly related to the tension kilovolt, kV imposed between the cathode, the anode and the electric portaria 453 milliampere, mA applied to the device.

Occupational and technical correlations of interventional radiology

Levels of scattered radiation depend on the patient's thickness or weight, kilovoltage and milliamperage, collimator portaria 453, tube-intensifier distance, and angiographic projection.

Projections in which the X-ray tube is on the same side as the operator cause the highest levels of secondary radiation. Portaria 453 to lack of personnel training, most radiology units do not have proper safety standards to perform procedures.

Because of these situations, professionals involved in radiological procedures and the population that consumes such services are mostly affected.

Due to inadequacy of techniques, accessories, consumption material and individual protection equipment, they are all are exposed or submitted portaria 453 high doses of ionizing radiation when radiological procedures or exams are performed. In the interaction process between radiation and matter, there portaria 453 be ionization and excitation of atoms and molecules, causing changes in molecule structure.

The most important lesion occurs in the deoxyribonucleic acid DNA.

Portaria /98 pt.1

Acute effects are possibly due to water ionization, which is decomposed and forms portaria 453 radicals, which influence cellular metabolism, generating oxidized substances and hydrogen oxide. Such oxidation affects enzymatic protein groups, especially the sulfhydryl group. A simple electronic excitation is able to break portaria 453 hydrogen bonds.

Even in small radiation doses quantitative effects may be higher and with multiple breaks of protein chains. In addition, there may be complete cell disintegration, although there is a possibility of its self-restitution.

Leukemia, for being the main disease due to chronic exposure to radiation, requires periodic blood tests as one of occupational medical controls. There does not seem to be a limit below which a radiation dose has ineffective action.

Portaria 453/98 pt.1

If a mutation occurs in a gamete, it can be logically transmitted one single time. In case it occurs in a spermatogonium even of a childportaria 453 may be present in such cells throughout the entire individual's life continuously passing to gametes.

Therefore, portaria 453 may be harmful as mutagenic agents not only when they affect adults in reproductive period, but also when administered to children.

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