Jump to How is Myanmar handled on mobile devices? - A: Characters for these languages are supported in the three Unicode Myanmar blocks noted above: Myanmar (Burmese) Mon. S'gaw Karen. EASY TO REMEMBER URL: '' for Myanmar country code 95 country codes MM and Myanmar phone number. Zawgyi is a font, invented at a time where Unicode was not a widely used international standard. Zawgyi is currently the most widely used font in Myanmar.


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The list of available locales is linked in the other answer.


Being on that list means: Check if the characters are shown or if you only see [] or just nothing. BUT, there is something in between: If you see the characters but it is still not an official locale you can do the following: Add resources for your language anyway: The phone myanmar language method is to convert all postings to Unicode phone myanmar language.

Set CSS to use Unicode-compatible fonts.

Myanmar Scripts and Languages

An alternative method is to use web fonts for the site. Make sure each phone myanmar language is in its own tagged block such as div. Set the CSS for each post to either a Unicode font or Zawgyi, depending on what was detected phone myanmar language the individual posting.

Note that this will result in an inconsistent look to the text due to different font styles. You may also consider educating your users on using Unicode fonts. How is Myanmar handled on mobile devices?

How to read Myanmar language at Global rom phone - Myanmar - Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum

Most mobile devices do not allow the user to change or replace the installed fonts. An application may "bundle" a font, but that will only be used within the application, not for other tools or apps. Many devices already include a Phone myanmar language font that is used by default for any Myanmar text.

Any Unicode text will appear correctly in the system-installed applications. Phone myanmar language text will look wrong unless the particular application has included the Zawgyi font within the application.

Myanmar Country Code 95 Country Code MM

Some device vendors have installed ZawgyiOne in place of a Unicode font. In this case, Zawgyi will look right, but Unicode text in messages and web phone myanmar language will look wrong.

It is also possible for an application or device to detect and convert text to match the installed fonts. How can I tell if my system is phone myanmar language a Unicode font or Zawgyi by default?

If it looks like this, your browser is using Zawgyi or Myazedi: If the above is blank or a box, no Myanmar font was found. My friends all use Zawgyi in email phone myanmar language texting, but my device only supports Unicode.

How can I communicate with them?

Myanmar: Android Zawgyi and Unicode - CommCare Public - Dimagi Confluence

phone myanmar language This is complicated, primarily because fonts cannot be added or changed on most mobile devices. Free Myanmar Unicode keyboards are available for most mobile devices from online sources, so work with your friends to agree on a common way to communicate.

Apps that convert between Zawgyi and Unicode are also available.

Copying and pasting text messages into phone myanmar language an interactive converter will let you read any message. The keyboard arrangement does not determine if the text is Unicode or another form. Keyboard applications that produce Unicode are available on most devices and web apps.


Some browsers support extensions that provide virtual keyboards for Myanmar and other scripts. Is the keyboard arrangement for Unicode different from other fonts?