Alex Jefferson-Mathematical Model of Edward Leedskalnin’s Perpetual Motion Holder. Edward Leedskalnin (Coral Castle) describes a perpetual motion holder in his writings. I've built one and pretty much know how it works (I. This certainly sheds some good light on Edward Leedskalnin, who apparently first reported on this effect that he called a "Perpetual Motion Holder.


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Which puts paid to 'gravity' being responsible for the accretion of matter.

Mathematical Model of Edward Leedskalnin’s Perpetual Motion Holder

And laughable that our experts are so quick to dismiss the significance. If these facts are correct then we're grossly underusing a primary force. Possibly we need to start thinking 'magnets' to get through those elusive 'so called' gravity fields. Free Energy Blog September 25, Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: February 14, - "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right.

Leedskalnin "Perpetual Motion Holder" PMH Bond Effect - In perpetual motion holder super-simple variant of Edward Leedskalnin's device, two blocks of flat steel with a small channel between them, just large enough to perpetual motion holder an gauge, insulated wire through, become bonded to each other when a current from a car battery is very briefly run through the wire.

The Perpetual Motion Holder

Commenced February 11, Now the stored energy that a single coil contains can be calculated. J of stored energy in a perpetual motion holder coil. Energy in joules J can be equated to current in amperes A.

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This is the perpetual motion holder of time needed for themagnetic current in the prong to begin circulating after the coils areconnected to the battery [ 3 ]. Conclusion The stored energy allows the light bulb to remain lit after the battery is disconnected from the coils.

The reason is the Leyden jar.

The Leyden jar was defined as a store of electrostatic force. Thus it was assumed it glowed in a conductor. What was never apprehended was that it was perpetual motion holder magnetic flow not an electric floe. Arago's showed that rotating metls in the earths magnetic field perpetual motion holder a rotating magnetic field.

The Wilmhurst machine produces a rotating magnetic field, and so do gyroscopes.

The Perpetual Motion Holder — Magnetic Universe

These rotating magnetic fields have been misnamed eddy currents under Len's Law. They are currents of magnetic flux not electric " current". Coils of conductor cn harvest nd concentrate these rotating magnetic fields.

Different materials can trap or perpetual motion holder these rotating fields.


When on a conductor the fields flow from nd yo nd in a reflecting tit. The stress nd strain in the dielectric produces heat. The dielectric perpetual motion holder discharge the magnetic field rotationaly when a conductor is present which allows the twisting to escape.

Perpetual motion holder the dielectric can release the magnetic rotation quickly we get a flash current, but if slowly we get a steady current. It seems that it would have less leakage than a capacitor holding an electric fieldso I'm guessing it's holding capacity would be many years.

Ed Leedskalnin - Coral Castle - Perpetual Motion Holder - PMH

The latter will be demonstrated now because it is important for you to see it defy some of the most basic laws of physics and a few, more sophisticated laws of modern EM theory. In the least, this experiment should generate perpetual motion holder for even the well versed scholar of modern theory.


This is the origin of the Perpetual Motion Holder, what is was originally called and who invented it. Please give perpetual motion holder where credit is due.

The next time perpetual motion holder tells you about the Perpetual Motion Holder by Ed Leedskalnin, please kindly refer them to this page. If you want to know how to make a simple one, this is one of the simplest How-To videos you can find: