In this Caldecott Honor–winning picture book, join Bartholomew Cubbins in Dr. Seuss's classic tale of one king's magical mishap. Bored with rain, sun, fog, and. Oobleck: the Dr. Seuss Science Experiment: Oobleck is a classic science experiment that's perfect for entertaining both kids and adults. If you haven't seen it in. In this Caldecott Honor–winning picture book, join Bartholomew Cubbins in Dr. Seuss's classic tale of one king's magical mishap. Bored.


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When the King sees it, he is overjoyed. He declares the day a holiday and orders Bartholomew to tell the Royal Bell Ringer to announce the occasion. The bell ringer tries to oblige, but the bell will not ring; the oobleck is falling harder and oobleck dr seuss out to be both gelatinous and adhesive, and it has gummed up the bell.

Bartholomew and the Oobleck | Dr. Seuss Books | SeussvilleR

When Bartholomew sees a mother bird trapped in her nest by the oobleck dr seuss, and a cow trapped in the oobleck, he makes the decision to warn the kingdom.

The Royal Trumpeter tries to sound the alarm, but oobleck gets into the trumpet and the trumpeter gets his hand stuck trying to remove it. Bartholomew tells the Captain of the Guard to warn the kingdom, but the captain, determined to prove that he's not afraid of the oobleck, scoops some up with his sword and eats it, only to get his mouth stuck and breathe out green bubbles.

Bartholomew decides to warn the kingdom himself and rushes to the Royal Stables for a horse, but, perhaps predictably, all the horses have been covered and immobilized by oobleck.

In the throne room, the king, now swathed in oobleck, orders Bartholomew to summon the magicians to stop the storm, but Bartholomew delivers the bad news that "their cave on Mountain Neeka-tave is buried deep in oobleck. Bartholomew finally gets the courage to reprimand the king for making such a foolish wish, and he tells him oobleck dr seuss use simple words, like "I'm sorry," instead of magic words.

How to Make Oobleck

Immediately after the king oobleck dr seuss those oobleck dr seuss words, the oobleck storm abates and the sun melts away all the green slime, freeing everybody. After the oobleck is gone, Bartholomew takes the king to the bell tower. The king rings the bell proclaiming the day a holiday, dedicated not to oobleck, but to rain, sun, fog, and snow, the four things that have always, and should always, come down from the sky.


A version recorded by the actor Marvin Miller varies slightly from the book: Experiments you can try include: Put some oobleck on an old speaker and watch it dance: Or, put oobleck dr seuss in a cookie sheet on top of a speaker: Put a lot oobleck dr seuss it in a kiddie pool and walk across it: Tips Store in an air-tight container.

If you put in food coloring, you may notice a little bit of color left on your hands after washing.

How to Make Oobleck - A Simple Recipe for Making Slime

It should go away in a day or two. Anything put into the slime can be washed with soap and water. To dispose of the oobleck, mix it with a lot of hot water oobleck dr seuss make a very loose slurry.

Pour a small amount into the drain while the hot water is running. Oobleck when dried oobleck dr seuss be easily vacuumed. Warnings Don't drop oobleck on a couch, deck, or sidewalk.

It's hard to get off. Oobleck isn't poisonous, but it tastes awful. Wash your hands after playing. Make sure children are supervised.