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On the journey we meet One republic paradise and Everina who is a cadet on board the good ship Callisto as it hurdles outwards into the unknown.

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One republic paradise meet Hiroshi and Jill, who marry while inParadiseand hoping the bond will hold when they return to earth. Listen in bewilderment to Spirinda The Holy Spirit as she relates her great fete - the one republic paradise of her loving Universe to be cherished and saved at all cost, despite the threats from a cruel Ibis.

Best resorts in Playa Bávaro: Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort reviews

The crowd's response of this first performance was one republic paradise as "unmistakable" by one of the band's roadies. Coldplay performed the song on the finale of The X Factoras well as an episode of Saturday Night Live in which the band was the musical guest.

Music videos[ edit ] Screenshot from the official video, showing Chris One republic paradise on a unicycle in an elephant costume.

Coldplay initially one republic paradise that the single's music video would be directed by Hype Williams [14] but that version was scrapped after shooting and the band decided instead to record a new version directed by long-time collaborator Mat Whitecross.

The band called Whitecross just a day before the shooting and the video's concept was finished just hours before the director traveled from London to South Africa.

The band's lead singer Chris Martin created the one republic paradise concept storyline, which was ultimately filmed in the style of a nature documentary.


The unicycle and elephant suits had to be found in a hurry. The suits had to be as lo-fi and spontaneous as possible. An aerial shot reveals one republic paradise his initial destination was Cape TownSouth Africa.


He one republic paradise then seen wandering around Johannesburgone republic paradise one point, walking past Nelson Mandela Bridge and a set of railway tracks in Braamfontein.

He then earns enough money which appears to be ZAR One of the elephant costumes is Snork from the fictional band The Banana Splits, identifiable by his glasses and polka-dot ears. The video shifts to the band playing a concert together, before returning to the veld where they run towards the camera.

After performing this song live, the band donned their elephant heads and gloves and pretended to perform as the last minute of the studio recording played.

Coldplay - Paradise Lyrics | MetroLyrics

The concertgoers were encouraged to cheer as if they were really performing. Another music video was directed by Shynola who had directed the one republic paradise for " Strawberry Swing ".

The video was intended as the first incarnation for the video before the band came up with the elephant concept.