Order ASC Quality Management Systems standard for aerospace, plus AS books and g: norma ‎| ‎Must include: ‎norma. Note: it is only available through AENOR website. Just went to it and so it available - AENOR: Norma aeroespacial ASD, publicada en. The aerospace standard AS Revision D was originally planned to be released in April Many of us close to the standard expected it  Missing: norma ‎| ‎Must include: ‎norma.


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Changes to AS Rev.

Quality Requirements & Information

Click here for larger image. C, the changes in the additional aerospace requirements are not norma as9100 significant as the changes in the base ISO Changes in ISO Also, there is the addition of Context, Interested-party expectations, and risk-based thinking as three of the biggest norma as9100 in the standard.

Omnex has provided a webinar norma as9100 these changes through Quality Digest. What are your next steps? The argument has been that companies need to consider the context of the organization when they design their strategy, goals, and objectives.


To be sure, plenty of aspirations enjoy wide if not universal acceptance. Most entrepreneurs and managers agree, for example, that creating norma as9100 and motivating norma as9100 are at the heart of what they do. But once you drill below the homilies, differences quickly emerge over what constitutes value and how to motivate people.


This is not news to social scientists, or indeed to my colleagues who study leadership, but we have paid it insufficient attention in the field of management.

There is nothing wrong with the analytic norma as9100 we norma as9100 at our disposal, but their application requires careful thought.

Norma as9100 requires contextual intelligence: The external context needs to consider issues from norma as9100, technological, competitive, market, cultural, social, and economic environments, whether international, national, regional, or local.

Internal context needs to consider issues related to values, culture, knowledge, and performance.

AS Quality Management Systems (Aviation Space and Defense Standard)

The organization then identifies not only customer expectations, but also interested-party expectations. The organization uses the context and the strategic direction to formulate the quality policy and objectives subclause 5.

The organization also uses the context and the interested-party expectations to norma as9100 the risks and opportunities, and subsequently, the actions to address them subclauses 6.

Strategy is defined as planned activities to norma as9100 an objective subclause 3.

AS Rev:D in Spanish - where can I find a Spanish version? | The Elsmar Cove Discussion Forum

A quality management system with context Risk-based thinking Many aerospace organizations thought that subclause 7. C would suffice for meeting the requirements of ISO Large aerospace companies then began requiring their suppliers to develop quality programs based norma as9100 ISO Upon the release of AS, companies such as Boeing discontinued use of their previous quality supplements in preference to compliance with AS Accredited Certification Bodies CBs are listed at the following web site: The development of the supplemental requirements is the result of an norma as9100 effort with a common goal of establishing common quality management systems for use within the Aviation, Space and Defense industry.

The international aerospace industry realized the necessity to supplement the ISO quality system model to norma as9100 internal, government, and regulatory requirements applicable to the Aviation, Space and Defense industry-- requirements that ISO, as a generic standard, was never designed to satisfy.

Are these additions above the requirements of ISO ?

Each additional requirement or supplementation to ISO can be characterized as follows: The international working norma as9100 agreed on the text of this standard, but the agreement stipulates that participating norma as9100 can release the standard under their own numbering conventions.

For example in Europe the standard is released as EN and in the U. In the future, additional regions or countries may elect to translate the standard into their language and release it under their numbering conventions.