The Paperback of the The Unfoldment: The Organic Path to Clarity, Power, and Transformation by Neil Kramer at Barnes & Noble. The Organic Path to Clarity, Power, and Transformation by Neil Kramer is a treatise on transforming humankind based upon a synthesis of. The Unfoldment The Organic Path to Clarity, power and transformation page We have our own personal truth and we have universal truth. When we shift.


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The Unfoldment book –

It is closely aligned to discovery. Such is its brilliance and luminosity—that its reflection can be found in all forms, both physical neil kramer the unfoldment non-physical.

He has made a lifelong study of philosophy, indigenous wisdom traditions, inner alchemy, occultism, and esoteric world history.

He shares his path of transformation in writings and interviews, and travels widely, giving seminars, workshops and teachings.

  • Unfoldment: The Organic Path to Clarity, Power, and Transformation
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Again, because I don't think Kramer understands Bohm. Other parts of the book are full of life wisdom. Neil Kramer's ability for self-reflection is perhaps the greatest strength of the b This book is partly brilliant, and neil kramer the unfoldment Well, I don't know what to say!


Those who rebel are considered by society to be mentally ill, says Kramer - although one might equally argue that many of the rebels who see beyond the matrix instead become artists, innovators, and creative geniuses who drive society towards new wonders.

Not so, I suspect Kramer would counter, as we all create our own narratives, like an actor who gets obsessed with his or her part - and this blinds neil kramer the unfoldment to the reality within ourselves, no matter how well our insights and talents leads us to horizons new.

The Unfoldment book

The spiritual dimensions are complex and hierarchical, he writes. Kramer points to the plethora of ultra-dimensional beings spoken of in many religious and mystical texts across the world which control us, and whose stranglehold we must evade by reaching out to 'higher densities of being' p These personal transformations are more neil kramer the unfoldment achieved by women, argues Kramer, although the downside is that women are also more susceptible to psychic calamities.

An important step along this pathway, he continues, is a embracing neil kramer the unfoldment a certain kind of agnosticism.

That is, an agnosticism that also accepts aspects of his spiritual teachings. Close on the heels of that realization is the further recognition that it's okay that we don't know anything.

'The Unfoldment' by Neil Kramer book review

Even on the same kind of day, with the same kind of thinking, when everything looks much the same neil kramer the unfoldment it ever was, truth is always created anew from one moment to the next.

As Heraclitus observed, "No man ever steps in the same river twice. It is the mind that moves. We find our center, a place of inner knowing that transcends the comings and goings of life. Its stillness cuts through everything.