For educators: LCDS Author (Learning Content Development System) is a free software from Microsoft that lets you create and publish. The Microsoft Learning Content Development System (LCDS) is a free tool from Microsoft Learning that enables you to create quality. Development System (Ms LCDS) to design and develop a learning package in electrical and electronic technology . free tool that enables the Microsoft Learning community Online Vector Addition Tutorial: Exploring the Advantages of.


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Create online courses and Silverlight Learning Snacks with LCDS

Lastly, I liked that you can also set up tasks using either video or swf files. This is one I created using a Flash tutorial and microsoft lcds tutorial built in Note taking part of the interface.


What I wasn't so sure about It only seems to support swf and wmv files for video, which is a microsoft lcds tutorial annoying, especially for MAC users.

Despite all of this, Microsoft's LCDS does seem to have huge potential for people like me who struggle with coding, but want to produce microsoft lcds tutorial that looks good and works well.

Create quality, interactive, online courses with Microsoft Learning Content Development System

If you work in an institution that has its own LMS and you want to digitise some course materials to run online, then it could well be worth looking at as microsoft lcds tutorial cheap free solution.

If you'd like to try out microsoft lcds tutorial materials I created microsoft lcds tutorial training teachers in the use of IT and evaluating different task types, you can download the zip file of the whole session 9. As I said above though, you'll need to have MS's Silverlight installed, then go to the file named 'wrapper.

If you want to download the free LCDS and have a play yourself, then go here: James, to have a SCORM compliant package, make sure that you only zip the folder that contains the imsmanifest. That file should be in the root of your zip.

Testing Microsoft LCDS –

This is the only thing that I had to do to get it working. The rest should be pretty much the same.

E-learning created in LCDS 2. Templates Why microsoft lcds tutorial some terms disappear from the glossary that I am creating? When you create a glossary, enter the term in bold text and the definition for the term in non-bold text.

Do not bold any of the text in your definitions. If you use bold text in your definitions, some of your content microsoft lcds tutorial not appear.

Why do some of my glossary terms appear under blank headers? If you enter any spaces at the beginning of the glossary term, the microsoft lcds tutorial might be sorted as a category, which would appear as a blank header.