Use this guide to help you get started with Magento 2 Store branding and how to initially setup your By Fayyaz Khattak on March 14, Magento 2 Tutorials. Magento 2 is the technological continuation of the Magento platform. After a several years of development, Magento 2 shows an impressive advancement in the. Magento 2 Tutorial / User Guide is a powerful toolkit that helps all store owner who are using Magento 2 platform to have a solid understanding of how to install.


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Once you identify your needs and provide them to the supplier, you will receive an accurate quotation on your project about timing and financials. This is more important in case you work with a small agency. Setting the effective way to show your product listings will help encourage customers to buy more and customers will conveniently and easily find their preferred products.

You can set the default number product listing to be appeared as a list or in a grid. In the backend, you can also determine the selection number of magento 2 tutorial appearing per page and select magento 2 tutorial attribute is used to sort the list.

Moreover, as you need, you can set to allow customers to view all products per page or not. Build a product recommendation system like Amazon such as You also may like, frequently bought together, who bought this also bought. The default page is a page which will be appeared when click on base URL.

Often home page is configured as default page. From the backend, the new page is created by text, images, blocks of content, variables, and frontend. All of them are designed friendly for both search engines that crawl the metadata of the page and people who magento 2 tutorial your page.

You magento 2 tutorial set which position to show the block that may be one page, group of pages or any pages.

Creating the block title and magento 2 tutorial to determine the block and easily to manage. The content of the block will be conveniently created with the editor that allows you to format text, create links and tables, images, videos, and audio.

Magento 2 Tutorial

After merging, a merged CSS file or Script Files magento 2 tutorial be shown without line breaks and be disallowed to edit the file. Read more Insert Images The inserting images is an essential thing magento 2 tutorial you create a new page on your store.

The free shipping method is applied based on the mimum purchase or the condition of cart price rule you set. In addition, the shipping method can be set for certain producst or an entire order, that depends on your current strategy. Read more Enable or disable reorders Enable reorders in Magento 2 helps customer to reorder after they complete their purchase.

Customers can make reorders immediately from their account or ask admins to reorder in the backend.

Magento 2 Tutorials -- Easy to Follow Tips and Tricks

It charges a fixed shipping fee for any order with different sizes or weights or any shipping addresses. Because it is easy to configure and apply, the flat rate shipping is popular to many carries.

In addition, the shipping method can be set for certain product or an entire order, that depends on your current strategy. Read more Configure Multiple Addresses Shipping That is easy to configure shipping multiple addresses magento 2 tutorial Magento 2 in backend. In this topic, I will introduce the easiest way magento 2 tutorial help you configure multiple addresses shipping that allows customers to have their orders delivered to more than one address at checkout page.

In some cases, this feature is necessary for customers when they want to order multiple products and ship to multiple shipping addresses.

Magento 2 Tutorials

Store, Websites 30 Create a New Store View Magento magento 2 tutorial allows you to create multiple store views with different languages. The store view name will be shown in the language chooser in the header.

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Users can click the prefered store view in the language chooser to change the store view. With this feature, store owners can satisfy all customers coming from different countries with different languages around the magento 2 tutorial.


Read more Configure Multiple Language Website Configuring multiple language website in Magento 2 is the important settings that will make your store more friendly with the global audience because the customers magento 2 tutorial comfortable to use the magento 2 tutorial languages as a native website without the language barrier.

There are 3 types of URL, for example: Read more Create New Admin User From Magento 2 configuration, you can create admin user accounts as many as you need but they will be set in different access level if you ask.

For example, you can assign the view and change only for websites or stores without any global settings or data.