The economics category draws together an A-Z list of sub-categories of economics and a similar list of basic economic terms with links to definitions. Users can create an account to Licence: All Rights Reserved. Glossary for a course in basic. In this page, we created a glossary of IB Economics terms to help students search for Economics There are currently 94 names in this directory A record of all transactions of a country with the rest of the world over a period of time. The Conference Board of Canada's Dictionary of Financial, Economic, and Business Terms. Under the Bretton Woods structure, all currency exchange rates were .. Standard & Poor's ratings for its listing of each province's “credit quality.


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The annual economic survey and the annual budget list out these policies of the government.

Economy Terms - The Economic Times

RBI prints new money primarily based on growth in the economy i. Financial media regularly uses some basic economic terms list of all economic terms reporting a variety of data figures like stock market returns, GDP, inflation, FII flows, interest rates, industrial production etc.

These figures are closely tracked by investors and analysts in order to predict the future health of the economy and make investment decisions on that basis. All these data points directly or indirectly indicate the state of the economy and business environment in the country.

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Stock market returns are a leading economic indicator and draw attention to the state list of all economic terms the economy. The stock market usually begins to decline before the economy declines and begins to improve before the economy begins to pull out of a recession.

Sometime back I wrote a detailed article on what stock market returns really indicate, where I compared the returns generated by the BSE 30 companies with the broader economy, available here- BSE Sensex Manufacturing activity is list of all economic terms leading indicator of the state of the economy.

A rise in the manufacturing activity of materials indicates a rising demand for consumer goods which is a sign of GDP growth. Further, a rise in manufacturing activity creates employment as more workers are employed in the manufacturing sector.

Inflation is the increase in the overall prices of products and services in the economy.

Explanation of Basic Economic Terms Used in India

Each dollar buys less and we all probably start to feel poorer. A low, stable rate of inflation is normal and economists consider it ideal, but high inflation can happen when the money supply expands too much and list of all economic terms quickly.

But there is a silver lining for the economy: But knowing exactly what that means and how to interpret the data is much more complicated. You first have to know who counts as being unemployed. To be unemployed in the U. You should keep that in mind when interpreting changes in the rate, since some drops could mean lots of jobless people have just stopped trying.

You should also compare the latest numbers with the same month the previous year to avoid getting confused by seasonal differences. One speculation list of all economic terms where the phrase originated is when saloons would give free lunch to anyone who bought a beer.

This article was first posted in InsuranceQuotes. This is an article contributed to Young Upstarts and published or republished here with permission. Agenda 21, Federal Reserve Board, Nikkei It supplies short definitions for over terms, with links to related terms.

It is simply laid out, with hundreds of entries, browsable alphabetically, from absolute advantage to zero elasticity.

The definitions are short and are not linked to other material. It contains a very large number of entries and includes an acronym finder.