Writing historical and contemporary romance, Lisa Kleypas is an American author The first in the Stokehurst series that Lisa Kleypas brought out in , this. Midnight Angel (Stokehurst, #1) and Prince of Dreams (Stokehurst, #2). Lisa Kleypas Stokehurst Family Series: Books Midnight Angel & Prince of Dreams (Stone) [Lisa Kleypas, Susan Duerden] on *FREE* shipping.


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With no way out then death, Tasia takes a potion to fake her death and travels to England to try and start her life over on the run. Lisa kleypas stokehurst series his close friends tell Luke Stokehurst they found a perfect governess for his wild-child daughter, he dismisses it with a shrug lisa kleypas stokehurst series to be stopped in his tracks at the sight of this beautiful young woman with amazing eyes and a past hidden in the mist.

Tasia feels drawn to Luke, but knows her past deeds will no doubt catch up with her in the end. Only her heart keeps her from running away and has her running toward Luke.

Midnight Angel (Stokehurst, #1) by Lisa Kleypas

For the time being though she is happy having reached the top of the bestseller lists on numerous occasion, with a number of awards to her name as well. Currently she resides in Washington with her two children and her husband. It was then in that she had the revelation following a flood of her home, whereby she took up the decision to write solely romance fiction instead of historical romance.

After this she has had over eleven other awards during the preceding years as she continues to build upon her name and reputation. From this she continues to go from strength-to-strength, as her reputation as a romantic author lisa kleypas stokehurst series. Much more is expected from Lisa Lisa kleypas stokehurst series in the future as she builds upon her career and ever increasing popularity.

Prince of Dreams

Midnight Angel The first in the Stokehurst lisa kleypas stokehurst series that Lisa Kleypas brought out inthis was to be one of two historically themed novels concerning the exploits of the Stokehurst family. It is then that he takes the opportunity of bringing her into his home as he looks to have her path cross with his.


As a widower himself, he quickly places her as a governess for his young daughter. With an air of mystery surrounding her though, nobody is entirely sure who she is or exactly where she came from, as she finds herself lisa kleypas stokehurst series the home and the lives of the lord and his daughter.

It is now up to him to provide her with the sanctuary that she needs, whilst defying time honored conventions and traditions just to be with her. lisa kleypas stokehurst series

The Stokehursts Series

Fighting off vengeful forces, they must both struggle to maintain their true love in the hope of starting afresh once more. Can they ever put the past behind them and be happy once again starting from scratch?

Will the past overcome and drag them back to where they were before? What are the secrets they hold and what is the crime that she supposedly committed in her lisa kleypas stokehurst series past? I really enjoyed watching Nikolas and Emma find solace in their shared friendship and then trying to relate to each other in the context of marriage, when Nikki was so resistant to accepting or giving love.

Midnight Angel

Lisa kleypas stokehurst series was also nice to watch Emma mature and realize the meaning of true love. I felt the problem with the story came about with the time travel aspect in section three, and then when Nikki returned to his own time in section four, the whole dynamic of the story changed.

The time travel section was a nice little love story on it's own, but I never felt like Ms. Kleypas gave the reader lisa kleypas stokehurst series reason for Nikolas allowing himself to fall in love with the past Emma other than the legend fulfilling itself or perhaps him being alone in a different time and place with no familiar faces other than hers for comfort.

It seemed like this whole section was simply a plot device for returning Nikolas to Russia, since he was in permanent exile and lisa kleypas stokehurst series visit his home country any other way. Once Nikki returned to his own time, I felt the story fell rather flat.

Lisa Kleypas - Book Series In Order

There was also a complete role reversal as Emma became the cynical, jaded and distrusting one. Though understandable considering Nikki's past lisa kleypas stokehurst series, this side of her faded rather quickly, again with little explanation.

The ending had a few interesting developments and some mild excitement, but it wasn't really enough to make up for the previous weaknesses I've mentioned.