LA NP — SENSOR CURRENT 25A -/+15V BI TH. Sensors Датчик тока LA NP/SP11 ф. LEM, 1. Antelcom, LA NP (заказ 3 дня) Package:: 1;, Min. LEM current transducers set a standard for accuracy and are the most precise industrial products .. CTSR P/SP11 5) . LA NP. Dedicated data sheets are the only recognized reference documents for the given performances and. LEM Group, Current Sensors, Closed Loop Current Sensor AC/DC Current ±15V 5-Pin, ±15, 70, , Module, Closed Loop, 5 LA NP/SP


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It is our business to support you with both standard and customised products to optimise your application. Please contact LEM in your region to get assistance.

Current Transducer for Industry – LEM

LEM Components leverages its lem la25 np sp11 than 30 years experience in the application, design and production of current and voltage transducers, and has established itself as a market leader with worldwide presence to serve you.

LEM products are utilized across a broad spectrum of power electronics applications: All these applications require accurate and optimal control of the electrical energy to insure a high level of efficiency, safety, reliability.

With more than 2 current and voltage transducers in its portfolio, LEM Components offers a lem la25 np sp11 range of accurate, reliable and galvanically isolated devices for the measurement of currents from 0.

LEM lem la25 np sp11 are designed according to the most demanding international standards, and carry CE marking. UL or UR listing is also available on selected models. LEM constantly innovates and strives to improve the performance, cost and dimensions of its products.

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Several ASIC technology based products are offered. We hope you will find this catalogue a useful guide for the selection of our products.

Visit our website www.


Detailed data sheet and application notes lem la25 np sp11 available. The output from the Hall device is then signal conditioned to provide an exact representation of the primary current at the output. Eta technology combines elements from both the Open Loop and Closed Loop principles previously defined.


The result is a device that has the best balance between the features of the both operating principles. A hall device and associated electronic circuit are used to generate the secondary compensating current that is an exact representation of the primary current.

For the voltage type a small few mA current is taken from the voltage line to be measured and is driven through the primary coil and the primary resistor. The magnetic flux created lem la25 np sp11 the primary current IP is balanced by a complementary flux produced by driving a current through the secondary windings.

A hall device and lem la25 np sp11 electronic circuit are used to generate the secondary compensating current that is an exact representation of the primary voltage.

Current Transducer for Industry – LEM – CV. TERAMITRA PERKASA

The primary resistor R1 can be incorporated or not in the transducer. PRiME operates on the basic Rogowski principle. Instead of a traditional wound coil, the measuring head is made of a number of sensor lem la25 np sp11 circuit boards pcbs, each made of two separate air cored coils mounted on a base-pcb.

Each sensor PCB is connected in series so as to form two concentric loops.

SP11 datasheet, SP11 datasheets, manuals for SP11 electornic semiconductor part

The induced voltage at their outputs is then integrated in order to obtain both amplitude lem la25 np sp11 phase information for the current being measured.

An isolated signal is recovered and conditioned to supply a current at the output, which is an exact representation of the primary voltage. IT current transducers are high accuracy, large bandwidth transducers which do not use Hall generators.

The magnetic flux created by the primary current IP is compensated by a secondary current.


The zero-flux detector is a symmetry detector using two wound cores connected to a square-wave generator. The secondary compensating current is an lem la25 np sp11 representation of the primary current.

LEM produces several types of PCB mounted transducers that are designed with automated assembly in mind.

These devices allow our customers to take advantage of high volume production strategies giving them the advantage necessary to remain competitive.