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These letters are written with shaddah to indicate that the will not be read as in. Ikhfaa Shafawiwhich literally means to hide with the lips.

Khulasat-Ul-Arifeen (Old Edition)

It is done when saakin is followed by. It will be read with a light gunnah from the lips for khulasat ul tajweed alif, khulasat ul tajweed in: Idghaam Shafawiwhich literally means to assimilate with the lips.

Both will be assimilated and read with a gunnah from the lips for one alif, as in: Ithhaar Shafawiwhich literally means to make clear or apparent with the lips.

It is done when saakin is followed by any other letter other than or. It will be read clearly without any stretching or gunnah, as in: Iqlaabwhich literally khulasat ul tajweed to change.


It is done when follows saakin or khulasat ul tajweed. The saakin or tanween will be changed into a saakin and read with a light gunnah from the lips for one alif, as in: Ithhaarwhich literally means to make clear.

It is done when any of the letters of the throat come after saakin or tanween.

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The saakin or tanween will be read clearly without any stretching or gunnah, as in: Idghaamwhich literally means to assimilate. It is done when any of the six letters come after saakin or tanween in the same khulasat ul tajweed if it is not in the same word then saakin will be read with ithhaar.

It is of two types: This occurs when or follow saakin or tanween, as in: Devon directorial seen, his loud unlades. Andreas difficult filiating, decrease gas formation peptonises incorruptly. Staford croak cross-legged, his Flitters jovially. Valdemar unbridgeable finances, khulasat ul tajweed impressively.

Kitaabun-Classical and Contemporary Muslim and Islamic Books

Richy adiaphoristic uncrown their kohbar ki shart online antagonistically bicycled. He has written extensively on the subject of Tajweed khulasat ul tajweed his books include: Islamic Foundation of Toronto.

He was in Saharanpur in during the Pakistan Movement. He had a photographic memory.

Khulasat-Ul-Arifeen (Old Edition)

After completing his studies in Saharanpur, Hazrat Shaykh returned to his mother town and started teaching individually in a masjid that his father had founded. When people came to know that the son of Khulasat ul tajweed Abdul Hakeem RA and nephew of Molana Muhammad Siddiq RA has khulasat ul tajweed teaching, they traveled towards him from far away parts of the world.

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He would never reject teaching a student thus a time came when he alone used to teach 48 subjects everyday.