Rainer Werner Fassbinder's second feature depicts the intolerance of a circle of financially and sexually frustrated friends when an immigrant. This is more or less the form of "Katzelmacher," Rainer Werner Fassbinder's second feature film, made in before he went on to become. Katzelmacher is a West German film directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. The film centers on an aimless group of friends whose lives are shaken up by  Produced by‎: ‎Peer Raben.


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And because this is Fassbinder testing limits and holding up a mirror to the disillusionment of late 60s German youth culture that he sees all around, there simply katzelmacher fassbinder to be a generous dollop of sex, debauchery and vulgar humor tossed in every so often, just because he can.

A closer analysis than I see fit to provide here could spell out the interwoven web of relationships between the three men and the three women that make up this clique. In the back court, in the tavern, in their flats, they meet singly, katzelmacher fassbinder couples, as a group, and exchange opinions, become aggressive, get bored, piss off one another, drink.


Catatonia, sleaze and various kinds of abuse constantly katzelmacher fassbinder a looming intensity, accentuated when halfway through the movie, Yorgos appears suddenly like a broken deus ex katzelmacher fassbinder. His radical mix of snarl and decoration and his unchained Marxist world, which is compressed and delineated, points to Jean-Luc Godard—it is perfectly clear for the viewer where each form, idea and narrative sequence starts and stops, but in films like Katzelmacher, he could also be considered an inheritor of the camp sensibility, kinky rawness, as well as physical katzelmacher fassbinder spiritual discomfort of early Andy Warhol.

Anti-style is still style, after all. Even then, the camera maintains an even distance as it pulls straight ahead of two people walking in parallel, further emphasizing the flat space which confines katzelmacher fassbinder.

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Except for a few moments between the immigrant Jorgos Fassbinder, in a wryly understated performance and his girlfriend Marie Hanna Schygulla, katzelmacher fassbinder appeared in 20 Fassbinder filmsno character ever katzelmacher fassbinder another in the eye and truly speaks with them. Instead, characters talk at, or around, each other.

Fassbinder even physically arranges them either in frontal views, or at 90 degree angles to each other.

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The characters katzelmacher fassbinder think that they are having conversations, but we know better. The film is one third over before we ever katzelmacher fassbinder anyone standing on the ground; and that happens only after Jorgos appears, signaling a momentous change.

As the picture lulls you along with its extended use of dialogue, delivered in a flat manner by people who almost never look each other in the eye, suddenly a man will strike his girlfriend.

And she will let him.