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Jun jung dum tek About Trapping There are a number of very good drills that can be used to develop the kind of effective trapping skills enjoyed by Bruce Lee in what I like to call his jkd trapping drills art.

This simply means the way "he" did it. The principles and mechanics that he used and what made him so astoundingly effective.

To be sure, there are different kinds of trapping for different systems. For instance, Filipino jkd trapping drills arts make use of extremely effective trapping, designed around its structure, tools, and strategies.

Jeet Kune Do Trapping Skills & Drills DVD Jeremy Lynch Bruce Lee Jun Fan | eBay

The same holds jkd trapping drills for other martial arts like American Kenpo where trapping is a component of the system. Bruce's trapping was born from Wing Chun Gung Fu, an art that is very much different in nearly every respect to other arts, including its trapping methodology. He disrupted and broke down your structure, a key strategic point.


He corrupted your balance, froze your timing, and sent shock into your body jkd trapping drills electricity through copper wire. By virtual of his technique, he was able to automatically measure the correct distance for optimal striking power and accuracy, the kind needed for deep penetration to attack the body's nervous system.

Jeet Kune Do Trapping Skills & Drills DVD Jeremy Lynch Bruce Lee Jun Fan

While he re-angled his attack to open new lines, he took away the distance that you needed to be effective in your counter jkd trapping drills. And to make all of this work, he depended on body structure, proper mechanics, a variety of carefully forged jkd trapping drills, and a high degree of tactile sensitivity and knowledge of energies.

To put is simply, he trapped with the entirety of his body, not just his hands.


Bruce's inner body structure had been uniquely developed for the most part jkd trapping drills his earlier Wing Chun training. Yet he still had some knowledge of other gung fu arts, including Tai Chi and, to a lesser degree, Preying Mantis.

Although he later modified his fighting stance, you can be sure that his inner structure did not change. It still afforded him the kind of grounding needed for exerting and holding pressure while jamming and trapping, along with all of those special mechanical advantages that jkd trapping drills so often mistaken by observers as sheer acts of strength.

These mechanical advantages constituted many of the jkd trapping drills that not only went into Bruce's trapping, but also into every phase of his personal art.

In other words, the way he did it. One of the things that made Bruce so different from other martial artists in the US was that he more directly faced his opponent.

Rarely, if ever, was Bruce caught in a position where he would be forced to give away one side to his opponent. At the same time, he would always be in position to gain control of either the opponent's side or his center, jkd trapping drills basic strategies of Wing Chun.

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This facing principle was a central jkd trapping drills of Bruce's method fighting method and of core importance to his trapping and striking, in particular. So that I might narrow this discussion a bit, Jkd trapping drills limit myself to just a few of the mechanical advantages enjoyed by Bruce that made his trapping so incredibly effective.

Of course, this requires a brief mention of his tools.


Bruce compared a tool like tan sao palm up hand to a car jack. What Jkd trapping drills was saying here is that your tools must be strong enough to do the biggest jobs.