ISO was released on June 19 , and is an international standard. As it follows the same High Level Structure (HLS) structure as other widely  Missing: ‎| ‎Must include: ‎ ISO represents an international consensus ISO is consensus agreements between all the .. The final updated version is expected early Missing: ‎| ‎Must include: ‎ FSSC release version 4 of the Scheme. This new version includes the scopes catering, retail and transport & storage. ISO issued, not.


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External communication is a little easier to understand. The rules iso 22000 version 2008 the same when it comes to food safety: A register is also an extremely useful tool and great first step when highlighting external communication.

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Listing all the organizations a company deals with can be a challenge: The same guidelines for establishing a register and procedures apply.

It is also imperative that the company clearly define which group or persons should be responsible for different external communications and how they should be done. With both external and internal communication, a regular program for verification and updating these programs must be implemented.

Some may review and update their registers monthly and others quarterly. Make sure that all registers are dated and that the dates are changed whenever there is a review and update. Auditors will downgrade a company if lists have not been updated.

Iso 22000 version 2008 addition, auditors will ask employees if they understand and utilize the food safety information that was presented in communication programs.

The management review is another problem area. All companies have management meetings, but the management iso 22000 version 2008 is more than that. The function of management review is a high-level review to determine whether the FSMS is effective and efficient.

How a management review is conducted varies with the size of the company.

ISO Food safety management

Small companies are now being required to implement management review in response to the requirements of GFSI-recognized audit schemes. In small companies, one person typically wears many hats.

In a large company, the workload will be divided. One hint to better understand the management system and to create the foundation for the management review is to define who is responsible for managing each of the areas iso 22000 version 2008 comprise the FSMS.


The job descriptions for each of these individuals must define their responsibilities within the FSMS. In addition, it is a good idea to create a single document that lists all iso 22000 version 2008 food safety areas and have each responsible person sign that list.

ISO 22000 revision

This allows top management to better understand who is doing what, but will also help an auditor better understand who manages what.

All of these persons will have a role in the management review. When preparing for iso 22000 version 2008 management review, each person will be responsible for collating and analyzing the information related to food safety prior to the meeting.

In addition, the managers should bring ideas for further improving the FSMS iso 22000 version 2008 the meeting.