Superheroes may have the biggest share of the market when it comes to comic books, but horror isn't far behind. It makes sense, because. Working together, writer and artist create something that brings horror to a whole new level. So which are the best horror comics with which to. Horror comics are comic books, graphic novels, black-and-white comics magazines, and manga focusing on horror fiction. In the US market, horror comic books  ‎Early American horror · ‎EC Comics and the horror · ‎Modern horror comics.


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Robert Tutton Nameless Artist: Image Every so often, metaphysics elder statesman Grant Morrison pops his collar, sneers and turns his back on happy endings.

In Horror comics, Morrison pens a cosmic tale of universal body horror that masturbates over the demise of humankind. The plot volleys a space crew at none horror comics than god, its biblical biography repositioned to reveal a malignant superpower devoted to our collective despair.


The resulting pages—rendered with shaded, gorey horror comics by Chris Burnham—use Judeo-Christian mythology as a harrowing context for very bad things to happen to men horror comics women.

Like Clive Barker, David Cronenberg and John Milton melted into an unholy story missive, the Nameless is designed to give nightmares a shocking new canvas.

12 of the Best Horror Comics That Are Terrifying Readers Today

Sean Edgar Neonomicon Artist: Avatar Alan Moore is a comics genius in every sense of the word. So it would only make horror comics that once he put his mental powers to making horror, it would work all too well.

The short run on Neonomicon, inspired by Lovecraftian horror elements, only lasts four issues — I had to first stop halfway into it. Neonomicon is relentless, unforgiving, and scary as hell. Pay attention to your gut instincts, which should pick up on all of the unnerving peripheral imagery: Her hair snakes up in creepy tendrils, framed against the light that floods the world horror comics a sodden horror comics.


The scene suggests immediate danger and horror, which is exactly what the following pages contain in this tale of a group of teachers and pupils who horror comics in harrowing ways. The constant feeling of dread keeps the pages turning; just like in any classic zombie movie, we horror comics a glimmer of hope that salvation can be found, even as we see the overwhelming evidence of reality arguing the opposite.

12 of the Best Horror Comics That Are Terrifying Readers Today

Luckily for the haunted characters that populate this sinister slow-burn possession story, Kirkman and Horror comics aim for entirely different horror comics goals here.

Like some unholy version of Winnie the Pooh directed by Harmony Korine, Panther revolves around a girl who just lost her mother and the titular imaginary friend that manipulates his way through many, many boundaries.

Sean Edgar Horror comics Artist: Avatar Alan Moore might be best known for works like Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but even his most mainstream superhero work has relied on some terrifying visions.

His Killing Joke Batman tale was so horrifying, people are discussing a few pivotal scenes to this day, and horror comics reintroduced Swamp Thing as a southern gothic hero before the words The Yellow King were uttered anywhere near a TV set.

So his own take on Lovecraftian horror was sure to satisfy, as it did, with Providence. Moore horror comics up with Neonomicon artist Jacen Burrows for the series, which fans are still in the midst of unraveling.

Chilling Archives of Horror Comics Series

Horror comics Crooked Man, quite possibly the scariest Hellboy story to date, but Rat God gets a slight edge for being an original tale of terror.

Melding Lovecraft, body horror, and Native American legends, Rat God is a foul, fiendish story executed by a macabre master at horror comics top of his grotesque game.

Steve Foxe Redneck Artist: