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Thanks to this, we were allowed to invite young people in age 20 to 22 from different countries accross Europe historia polski dla dzieci come and work at our Kindergarten 83 historia polski dla dzieci in Krakow. The aim of the STREAM among other things is building a strong relationship between the nations of the East and West, intercultural education, shaping the image of Poland on international arena, region of Malopolska and furthermost facilitating active forms of Poles social life within the region, country and Europe.

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In Januaryour kindergarten has historia polski dla dzieci three young volunteers from England, Italy and Spain. The initial concerns that we had proved to be unfounded and totally unnecessary. Working with volunteers has become a great pleasure, and their presence in the kindergarten has brought many benefits to our children, teachers and — we hope — volunteers themselves.


Intercultural integration with young people, building positive relationships and friendships between people of different faiths and nationalities, learning each other tolerance and respect for human dignity historia polski dla dzieci the most important, in addition to ecological goals we set ourselves in connection with their stay.

They also have stayed and lived with us for six months.

From Monday to Friday, for six hours a day, they played with the children and the benefits were mutual. They learnt the Polish language, culture and history of the region Malopolska and Krakow itself, visited the sights, got to know the landscape of various Historia polski dla dzieci regions.

Our preschoolers were very proud of their presence.

Córka wielkiego ojca – Anna Maria Anders

Mutual affection for each other was huge. Historia polski dla dzieci constituting an additional, daily care for children were obliged to help them in various activities of self-service.

They taught also our preschoolers basic words in their native languages, as well as the simple songs they remembered from childhood. Moreover, they were obliged to conduct short courses regarding their country of origin.

Thanks to this children enriched their knowledge about European countries colour of the flags, important cities, the location on the map.

10 - Jak uczyć dzieci? | Historia Polski dla dzieci

Thus, Polish children wander without any supervision and occupation, trading, begging and stealing, which is becoming a source of moral danger for German youth.

What values prevail in the upbringing of children in other historia polski dla dzieci This name comes from the German words Allgemeine Gehsperre — a strict prohibition on leaving one's house, imposed on the Jews incarcerated in the Litzmannstadt ghetto.

Jewish and German policemen searched all the houses and took away everyone who was unable to work; mainly the historia polski dla dzieci and infirm, but also children under the age of An estimated 15, people were deported to death camps during the Great Shpera.

There are no children, there are people. This famous quotation from Janusz Korczak is the foundation of modern pedagogy.

Korczak promoted the idea of paying equal respect to children and adults as early as the beginning of the 20th century.