Georgia Bockoven is an award-winning author who began writing fiction after a successful career as a freelance journalist and photographer. Her books have so. The highlights? Oxford, Cambridge, and Eton. I was Carly when she visits Cambridge in the book, filled with an intense hunger to be one of the students. The Beach House, Another Summer, Return to the Beach House, The Cottage Next Door (The Beach House, #), and The Beach House: Coming Home.


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Contemporary Romance Mar Love's Sweet Harmony Once the legendary Cole Webster reached the top of the country music charts he stayed there, thanks to his talent and his father's expert management.

But when a near-fatal motorcycle accident temporarily alters his appearance, Contemporary Romance Mar Married to a successful vintner thirty years her senior, Elizabeth Preston is shaken out of her complacency by the georgia bockoven and volatile Michael Logan, who threatens to expose a secret from her past.

Carly Hargrove knows that her life isn't extraordinarily exciting, but it is just the way she wants georgia bockoven.

Three children, a nice house, and a husband who comes home to her every night, georgia bockoven though She has written some wonderful stories in her career and has sold millions of copies of her books all over the world.

The former is a new series being developed by her and is just 2 books old, while the latter is the one for which Bockoven is highly popular.

This series helped her establish herself among the top-rated writers of romance georgia bockoven.


Before starting her career in the writing field, author Bockoven used to work georgia bockoven the field of journalism. She used to work on a freelance basis as a photojournalist and had quite a successful career in it.

But, her interests started to shift once she developed the liking for fiction stories. At first, Bockoven became an avid reader of romance books and then started developing her own stories.

It did not take her much time to begin writing fiction stories of her own. georgia bockoven

Georgia Bockoven Book List - FictionDB

As a result of her newly acquired taste in writing, Bockoven had to leave her job in journalism and put all her focus into developing georgia bockoven new career as a writer.

Author Bockoven says that being the child of an Army personnel, she was quite disciplined from her childhood days in all respects. This helped her in becoming a confident and independent person that she is today.

Author Bockoven began publishing her stories from georgia bockoven and during the course of her career, she won many prestigious awards, prizes, and nominations. As of today, author Bockoven is happily married and resides with her loving husband named John Bockoven and two beautiful children in Northern California.

Georgia Bockoven - Book Series In Order

Georgia bockoven was employed as a fire fighter, and after he retired from his job Bockoven took the decision of putting a temporary halt to her writing work. She decided to spend her free time in the company of her family and enjoy some quality time together.

During the course of her holiday period, Bockoven found georgia bockoven new love for nature photography. She explored this new interest and ended up making a business out of it.

The Beach House Series by Georgia Bockoven

Author Bockoven thinks that the business of nature photography is filled with a lot of creative energy and at georgia bockoven same time it is highly challenging as well. But, Bockoven is well prepared for any number of challenges georgia bockoven life throws at her. She believes she has endured a lot during her initial struggling days, which has made her mentally strong to face any situation.