New research has found many Australians are not content with the five-day work week. Flexible working is increasingly celebrated and many of us now work four-day weeks. Nine women who do it reveal how they spend their extra. There's been growing backlash at the hour workweek in the overworked developed world - now, there's greater aim to work just four days.


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BBC - Capital - Just how short could we make the working week?

InReykjavik city government in Iceland revealed the results of a year-long study that cut around half a workday each week for full-time employees at some municipal offices. The experiment found that both four day work week and productivity remained the samefour day work week less time spent in the office.

Sweden did something similarwith a handful of trials involving a range of employers, from start-ups to nursing homes — most prominently at Svartedalen, an elderly care facility that launched a hour work week.

In his research, he has found work-life balance sits at the top of priorities for life satisfaction, even ahead of whether or not people find their jobs interesting.

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  • Just how short could we make the working week?

He also points out that ineconomist John Maynard Keynes predicted that we should all eventually be working just 15 hours a week, due to better technology and productivity gains. Which raises the question… How four day work week can you go? Just how short could we make the work week?

What about four hours a week? Since the financial crash, parties in government of both the centre-left and centre-right have acceded to their demands to loosen the hold of the law on working hours.

Four-day week - Wikipedia

This is despite there being tax breaks for employers to implement the hour working week. In Germany, it is the union movement which has led the pressure for a shorter working week, especially the biggest and most powerful four day work week, IG Metall. In the s, the push was for the hour or five-day working week.

This was won through industrial action. Disadvantages accrued to the four-day workweek system Apart from those advantages of the four-day workweek, there are also a couple of drawbacks that are likely to come with it.

A four-day week means that the working days have to be prolonged to up to 10 hours so that it will atone for the time misplaced by means of the day off.

As documented by one article on the similar four day work week, this could affect employee safety, depending on the type of industry.

This is due to the fact longer hours may result in worker fatigue, which in turn could cause the quantity of work-associated four day work week to increase. This is more likely for heavy machinery operators than for sedentary workplace workers.

Risk to Customer Sales and Confidence: One less day every week could negatively have an effect on income and customer confidence, depending on the type of enterprise.

The 4-Hour Workweek

Customers may resent the fact that they cannot get entry to the commercial enterprise on a designated day. This could result in them going to a competitor business as an alternative.

Because there were fewer people in the office, noise and distractions went down. A second researcher, Helen Delaney, a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland Business School, performed qualitative research at the company.


Perception of workload went down. They found their work more stimulating, had more confidence in the leadership team, and felt more empowered in their roles.