Focus on Learning and the Educating Our Future. In all these policy primary education. Secondary education constitutes five years of learning. Focus on Learning and the Educating Our Future. In all these policy primary education. Secondary education constitutes five years of learning. enhance that quality, schools have evolved to a focus on learning. Fol- lowing a Glasser , has recognized the applicability and value for the schools.


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The policy contains the following strategies: Inter-ministerial collaboration and decentralised services for the identification, assessment and placement of children with disabilities; All Educational Boards are charged with focus on learning 1992 responsibility for ensuring that the needs of children with disabilities are met within their jurisdiction, and this will be evaluated.

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The needs of children with disabilities will be met by: Training an adequate number of teachers in special education, Designing appropriate curricula and teaching materials, Providing special furniture, equipment, aids and focus on learning 1992. Universities Beforetwo ministries controlled education: Major education policy developments have taken place since Inimmediately after the change of government, the cabinet approved a new education policy entitled "Focus on Learning.


The new government set up one Ministry of Education in which is in charge of Primary education, Secondary education, Teacher training, focus on learning 1992 universities.

The Ministry of Education is in charge of formulating education policy and responsible for the operation of all educational institutions including the two universities with the exception of technical and vocational institutions, which fall under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

A major policy development was the publication of the national education policy entitled "Educating Our Future" in May Educating Our Focus on learning 1992 created a path for educational development, which is in line with the country's new political, economic, and social direction.

The benchmarks of the new education policy are decentralization, partnership, equity, efficiency, quality, democratization and effectiveness.

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The Ministry of Education's Curriculum Development Center is responsible for developing curriculum for all government run primary focus on learning 1992 secondary schools as well as teacher training colleges. Currently, participants in educational provisions include the government, communities, individuals, religious organizations, and nongovernmental organizations NGOs.

Sincethere has been a growth in the number of private schools and colleges as new participants have been encouraged to enter the education sector following market liberalization of the economy. Even the provision of educational materials has now been liberalized.

The new book policy has liberalized the education materials market in such a way that several private publishing focus on learning 1992 are now competing for the supplying of books focus on learning 1992 education materials to schools. The educational system is increasingly becoming diverse, giving alternative paths of access to educational opportunities.