Program. The chapter tutorial introduces the anatomy of an ActionScript program. ActionScript (AS3) is the built-in programming language of Flash. Unlike most Flash tutorials, this one is aimed specifically at the needs of .. You now should see a tiny a (which stands for Actionscript) in Frame 87 of the. Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR run-time environments ActionScript code on the new highly optimized With this basic idea of what ActionScript is, lets.


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A similar virtual book exists in french for my classes at University of Geneva. Some chapters are better than others and none is top quality so far, but most can serve as lecture flash actionscript pdf tutorials and for some self-study.

  • Learning ActionScript 3
  • Learning ActionScript 3
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This tutorial is a simple explanation of Flash's interface. Stage, timeline, properties panel, and tools are pointed out with a short description.

Tutorials on Flash Animation There are flash actionscript pdf tutorials and disadvantages to every method of web design and creation. Flash too has its advantages and disadvantages.

The tutorials in this section are dedicating to teacing the first half of Flash, the graphical interface. Tutorials will include tips about how to create and animate in Flash graphically. Right click on the links and select 'save link as' to download the video files.


Picture Rotator Slideshow This tutorial shows you how to create a picture rotating slideshow, that fades in and out using Adobe Flash. Using optimized embeded flash actionscript pdf tutorials is not the only way, but it is a very basic and easy method flash actionscript pdf tutorials create a slideshow picture rotator.

Layer Masks Layer masks create a viewing window to the layer s behind it. Manipulating the mask can create certain effects or animation without editing the object or layer directly.

Motion tweens are used when an object merely changes location or minor attributes such as transparency. The tween creates a smooth transition.

Flash tutorials

Shape tweens can allow you to give the impression that an object is morphing into another. Using motion tweens to fade objects in and out.


Motion tweens can be used to create a fading in effect on objects or photos. Press F8 to turn an object into a graphic.

Flash Tutorials

In the properties panel under the 'color' section set one frame of the object to a desired alpha and change it in another keyframe. A motion tween will tween between the two attributes creating a fade in or out effect. Flash actionscript pdf tutorials into Movie Clips Movie clips offer the ability to nest timelines within timelines.

It also is an important part of creating interactive flash elements later with actionscript and important to know about.

Flash Tutorials

Select any object and press F8 to turn an item into a movie clip. Explore the language's object-oriented programming model and its fundamental building blocks. Object-oriented programming These articles provide an introduction to the flash actionscript pdf tutorials programming model of ActionScript 3.