This force is a fictitious force. Fictitious forces appear in accelerating reference frames. Such frames are not inertial reference frames. The accelerating reference. fictitious force: a force having no physical origin. centrifugal force: a fictitious force that tends to throw an object off when the object is rotating in a non-inertial frame of reference. Coriolis force: the fictitious force causing the apparent deflection of moving objects when viewed in a rotating frame of. A force which you experience only because your in an accelerated frame is called fictious your part of a non inertial frame to.


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I am not willing to say that the centrifugal effect gives rise to a pseudo force while the Coriolis effect gives rise to a real force If there is no combination of experiments and calculations that will answer the question, we should give fictitious force on the question and fictitious force some more physically-relevant question s instead.

In particular, I suggest we classify interactions according to the physically-meaningful criteria mentioned previous section: Is the interaction screenable?

What is a fictitious force? - Quora

Is the interaction black-box detectable? Does the interaction give rise to pairs of forces, i.


These are much better questions, much better than asking whether the force is a fictitious force force or not. Sometimes I attempt to define pseudo force, and this is how far I get: The vector sum of the centrifugal force and the Coriolis force is the total fictitious force, which in this case points in centripetal direction.

Fictitious forces and work[ edit ] Fictitious forces can be considered to do workprovided that they move an object on a trajectory that changes its energy from potential to kinetic. For example, consider a person in a rotating chair fictitious force a weight in their outstretched hand.

Fictitious forces

If they pull fictitious force hand inward toward their body, from the perspective of the rotating reference frame, they have done work against the centrifugal force. When the weight is let go, it spontaneously fictitious force outward relative to the rotating reference frame, because the centrifugal force does work on the object, converting its potential energy into kinetic.

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From an inertial viewpoint, of course, the object flies away from them because it is suddenly allowed to move in a straight line. This illustrates that the work done, like the total potential and kinetic energy of an object, can be different in a non-inertial frame than an inertial one.

Gravity as a fictitious force[ edit ] Main article: General relativity The fictitious force of "fictitious force" comes up in Fictitious force general theory of relativity.


He noted that a freefalling observer in a closed box would not be able to detect the force of gravity; hence, freefalling reference frames are equivalent to an inertial reference frame the equivalence principle. Following up on this insight, Einstein was able fictitious force formulate a theory with gravity as a fictitious force; attributing the apparent acceleration fictitious force gravity to the curvature of spacetime.

Fictitious force

This idea underlies Einstein's theory of general relativity. The rain frame perspective here, rather than being that of a raindrop, is fictitious force like that of a trampoline jumper whose fictitious force tops out just as the ball reaches the edge of the cliff.

The shell frame perspective [20] may be familiar to planet dwellers who rely minute by minute on upward physical forces from their environment, to protect them from the geometric acceleration due to curved spacetime.

Mathematical derivation of fictitious forces [ edit ] Figure 2: An object located at fictitious force in inertial frame A is located at location xB in accelerating frame B. General derivation[ edit ] Many problems require use of noninertial reference frames, for example, those involving satellites [21] [22] and particle accelerators.

Consider a non-inertial frame B whose origin relative to the inertial one is given by XAB t.