PDF | Envisioning information by TufteE. R., Graphics Press, London, , pp , £ - Volume 6 Issue 2 - D. Van Laar. Envisioning Information has ratings and reviews. Bruce said: This makes the third and last of Edward Tufte's books I have (and most likely, wil. Edward R. Tufte Envisioning Information. The Problem. The problem is that of presenting large amounts of information in a way that is compact, accurate.


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A real treat for all who reason and learn by means of images. ACM "Keep this book with envisioning information tufte few others that you'll pass on to the next generation.

Edward Tufte: Books - Envisioning Information

It is a passionate, elegant revelation of how to render the 3 dimensions of experience envisioning information tufte the 2 dimensions of paper and screen. The goal is to make the data more accessible to a human, allowing them to gain insights from the information.


The book was written in and lacks any description of information design for the web save for a few descriptions of color and graphical interfaces. Instead, Tufte focuses o This is a classic work in envisioning information tufte field of information design.

The first chapter, Escaping Flatland, should be a quick introduction to the topic that invites envisioning information tufte reader in to the work.

In the first six pages alone he jumps from a Japanese shrine map, the shed skin of a toad, alternate envisioning information tufte for the periodic table, examples of three-dimensional representation, orreries, and stereoscopic images. His books are invaluable tools for web site and interface designers.


Envisioning Information, the middle volume in Tufte's "trilogy", focuses on rendering complex and often three-dimensional information in two-dimensional space; on "escaping flatland" envisioning information tufte he says.

Tufte's books are sensual objects; they represent the finest in layout, book production and design. Leafing through this book, as well as Tufte's other books, is a delight, as every double-page exemplifies the principles illustrated throughout the book.

  • Envisioning Information by Edward R. Tufte
  • Review of Envisioning Information
  • Basic Problem

One is rewarded by careful examination of the examples in this book, to see how, across centuries and in many countries, people have developed strategies to present the most intricate information.

One such example is an extraordinary 19th century topographic diagram that shows the envisioning information tufte of the world's major rivers, straightening them envisioning information tufte so they appear parallel, yet retaining their major elements, such as the deltas and major lakes along their paths.

While the actual shapes of the rivers are skewed, the relationships among them are unique; a bar chart, or even a simple table, could have illustrated their lengths, but the rivers come alive in this presentation.