By GATE Instructors Free Online Test Series. Download gate computer science question bank pdf GATE Examination Solved Question Papers. Previous. The ebook looks at all the aspects that will allow a candidates to crack GATE. Category: GATE; Size: KB; Downloads: +. Free Download. The competition for GATE Exam is always high and so you must start preparing soon. The book's syllabus runs similarly to that of GATE EC and the depth and.


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Good books like this one are equally good for the Digital communication part.

15 Recommended Books for GATE EC 2018 in PDF

Apart from this, Communication Systems by Simon Haykin is also a good book that can be considered for additional reference material but always as a secondary option because the book starts at a level where it assumes a certain stage of understanding of communication systems already in the student.

Communication Ebooks pdf gate exam by Sanjay Sharma is an equally good option as B.

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  • Recommended Books for GATE Mechanical Engineering (ME) 2018 in PDF
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P Lathi if one is inclined towards simpler language. Hamid Nawab This book provides the basics for Signals and Systems and approaches every problem from the basic concept. All the theory and basics required are neatly explained.

The concepts are well defined and the exercises after each chapter help you master the concepts. The solution manual is also available online. The book is replete ebooks pdf gate exam both example and practice problems.


A student at ease with the book should feel confident in taking up any problem on electronic devices. As with all good books, the book lays equal stress on theory and practice.


The theory is succinct and hence keeps it interesting ebooks pdf gate exam the time. The book has enough examples and practice problems.

Also, there are a number of real life problems which make the concepts very easy to understand. Heat Transfer 10th revised Edition by J.


Holman This is the perfect book for beginners to Heat Transfer. Engineering Thermodynamics Engineering Thermodynamics by P. It also contains some of the best numerical which are tested in various examinations.

Download Best GATE Exam Study Material Free in pdf Format

Hence, it might not be suitable for beginners as some of the numerical can be intimidating. But the book is quite popular among GATE aspirants. Applications of Thermodynamics A.

Nag This book is a comprehensive and up-to-date offering ebooks pdf gate exam the subject. It has detailed coverage on hydroelectric, diesel engine and gas turbine power plants.

Moreover, plenty of solved examples, exercise questions and illustrations make this a very student friendly text. Engine Internal Combustion Engines by V.

GATE Study Material

Ganesan The writing is very simple and all contents are covered. It is considered good for beginners because the language is lucid. It has a detailed description of combustion engines that helps in getting a clear understanding of concepts. Hence, this book is essential for ebooks pdf gate exam studying for mechanical engineering exams.

Internal Combustion Engines by M. Sharma It comprises of a detailed explanation of all the parts that make up an Internal Combustion Engine and summarizes ebooks pdf gate exam theory behind their working. Arora This book has every detail of refrigeration and a little on air conditioning.