The Ebers papyrus was advertised for sale in and obtained by Georg Ebers at Thebes in This dated back to about BC. The Edwin Smith. The Ebers Papyrus from Ancient Egypt (c. bc) contains a reference to what could well be scurvy. In Ancient Greece Hippocrates referred to a disease. The Ebers Papyrus was found between the legs of a mummy in the Assissif district of the Theben necropolis. The exact tomb of origin is unknown, and it is not.


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Disorders such as depression and dementia are covered. The descriptions of these disorders suggest that Egyptians eber papyrus of mental and physical diseases in much the same way.


The papyrus contains chapters on contraception, diagnosis of pregnancy and other gynecological matters, intestinal eber papyrus and parasites, eye and skin problems, dentistry and the surgical treatment of abscesses and tumors, bone-setting and burns.

However, it is believed to have been copied eber papyrus earlier texts or it could be much older because the paragraph a states that: There is also a large section describing different diseases of the stomach, intestinal parasites, skin and eye diseases and diseases of the anus and many more.

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Internet Eber papyrus are the best.


It penetrates right down to the Rectum in such a manner that the Heart comes forth and loses its way under the disease. Eber papyrus dryness befalls his Heart, behold it is the dryness of Fire that befalls it.

He sighs often and his Heart is eaten up with anger; eber papyrus is because his Heart is full of Blood, which in turn is due to drinking Warm Water eber papyrus eating Bad Food. Another important medical papyrus is the Brugsch Papyrus around B.

The Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, psychiatry, depression etiology BC

The Kahun Gynecological Papyrus—a more specific text dealing mainly with reproductive organs, such as birth, conception, and testing for pregnancy—has been dated to B.

The Ebers Papyrus is really a somewhat haphazard collection of diverse medical texts, which is organized by paragraphs arranged into blocks addressing particular medical ailments Demand Medical knowledge Eber papyrus Ebers Eber papyrus preserves the most voluminous record of ancient Egyptian medicine known.

There are paragraphs in the papyrus dealing with magical spells to guard against supernatural intervention on treatment and diagnosis paragraphs ; disease of the stomachincluding intestinal parasites ; skin diseases, eber papyrus of the anusdiseases of the head, treatment of migrainesurine flow ; hairburns and flesh woundsand disorders of the extremities Demand Also addressed are diseases of the tonguedermatological conditionsdental conditionsdiseases of the earnose and throatand gynecological conditions Demand