There's a utility called dvipdfm that can do this. It probably came with your TeX distribution. Try this at the command line: dvipdfm - How to use "latex -> dvips -> ps2pdf" to get pdf. dvipdf - Convert TeX DVI file to PDF using ghostscript and dvips. as well as -sOutputFile and any options from the command-line. artofcode LLC and Artifex Software, bug-gs at , are the primary maintainers of Ghostscript. Jump to Option details - This will work unless Dvips has been compiled without the ' DEBUG ' option (not recommended). See Debug options, for the.


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Even then it should generate an error message. Dvips tries to work around as many dvipdf options linux as possible in common non-Adobe PostScript interpreters, but doubtless it misses a few.

PowerPage Revision 1, Interpreter Version If Dvips gives any strange error messages, or compilation on dvipdf options linux machine generated a lot of warnings, perhaps the Dvips program itself is broken. Try using the debug options to determine where the error occurred see Debug options.

It is possible your spooler is broken and is misinterpreting the structured comments. For collated copies, see the -C option below. Slower than the -c option, but easier on the hands, and faster than resubmitting the same PostScript file multiple times.

Dvipdfm - produce PDF files directly from DVI files - Linux Man Pages (1)

This is intended only for emergencies or for unusual fact-finding expeditions; it will work only if dvips dvipdf options linux been compiled with the DEBUG option. If nonzero, prints additional information on standard error. See the Dvips Texinfo manual for more details. This affects dvipdf options linux choice of bitmap fonts that are loaded and also the positioning of letters in resident PostScript fonts.


Must be between 10 and This affects both the horizontal dvipdf options linux vertical resolution. If a high resolution something greater than dpi, say is selected, the -Z flag should probably also be used. The default value of this parameter is resolution dependent.

This only works on one-page files, and it dvipdf options linux looks at marks made by characters and rules, not by any included graphics.

Dvipdfm (1) - Linux Man Pages

In addition, it gets the glyph metrics from the tfm file, so characters dvipdf options linux lie outside their enclosing tfm box may confuse it. In addition, the bounding box might be a bit too loose if the character glyph has significant left or right side bearings.

Nonetheless, this option works well for creating small EPSF files for equations or tables or the like. Note, of course, that dvips output is resolution dependent and thus does not make very good EPSF files, especially if the images are to be scaled; use these EPSF files with a great deal of care.

The standard input must be seekable, so it cannot be a pipe. If you must use a pipe, write a shell script that copies the pipe output to a temporary file and then points dvips at dvipdf options linux file.

This option also disables dvipdf options linux automatic reading of the PRINTER environment variable, and turns off the automatic sending of control D if it was turned on with the -F option or in the configuration file; use -F after this option if you want both.

This is useful when dvips is driving the printer directly instead of working through a spooler, as is common on extremely small systems. This may be useful sometimes.

The format of the font map file is documented in the Dvipdfm User's Manual. In other words, exchange the x and y dimensions of the paper. By default, the dvipdf options linux of the output file is file.

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