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A, B, C, D

While the letter is conceived in relation to the voice, the signs enumerated beforehand are conceived in relation to their meaning e. The celebration and history of the letter was followed by Nebrija' s pharmakon Derrida A successful cure for the inconsistencies between sound and letter, for example, as well as a successful preventive remedy depends on the grammarian's success in taming the letter.

Otherwise, speakers would pronounce in one way and write in another which, according to Nebrija, is just doctrina secrets de anahuac opposite of the reasons for inventing the letters.

Therefore, Nebrija' doctrina secrets de anahuac reasoning states an a priori need to explain a long and complex historical development e.

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Why the Mendicant or Jesuit friars writing grammars of Amerindian languages would follow Nebrija's example is clear at the technical level, not at the ideological one.

If Latin and Castilian grammars were doctrina secrets de anahuac as models to write grammars of Amerindian languages, the programs underlying Nebrija's grammars did not coincide, necessarily, with the friars' program and ideologies, and, therefore, the ideological differences between both grammars were ignored.

A glance at Amerindian language grammars written by Castilian friars during the 16th and 17th centuries shows that the majority of the grammars began with a discussion of the letters and by identifying those letters Doctrina secrets de anahuac languages do not have.

The common concern with identifying the missing letters indicates that celebrating the invention of writing and finding its origin is no longer an issue.

Esoteric Course of Kabalah (Bilingual) - Daath Gnosis, Samael Aun Weor - Google Книги

The new preoccupations suggest that the letter has been promoted to an ontological dimension which attributes to it a clear doctrina secrets de anahuac over the voice. The Classical tradition has been inverted and the letter no longer has the ancillary dimension attributed to it by Aristotle De Interpretationesbut has become the voice in itself.

The Jesuit Horacio Doctrina secrets de anahuac, in his well known Arte de la lengua mexicanabegins his work by noting that the Mexican language lacks seven letters Cap.

I, I and, in the next section, urges those learning the language to pronounce it correctly Cap.

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There is an understandable paradox, but paradox nonetheless, between the assertion that a language lacks a given number of letters doctrina secrets de anahuac relation to an alphabet created for a non related language and the urge to pronounce it correctly.

Indeed, Amerindian languages did not necessarily lack letters but implied different ones, namely those that were not within the sound system of the romance languages. But, after all, the friars' program consisted in taming Nebrija and Carochi used the word reducir the Amerindian languages and not in analysing the connivance between ideographic or hieroglyphic writing and speech, which was of a doctrina secrets de anahuac kind than that between speech and alphabetic writing.

Nebrija' s pharmakon and the Prince's glories.

I doctrina secrets de anahuac analyzed, so far, the complicity between the letter and the territory, on the doctrina secrets de anahuac hand, and the connivance between the letter and the voice, on the other. It is the interrelation between the letter and the writing of history which now requires our attention.

The letter is not only necessary to tame the voice but also to record the past which is, at the same time, a way of building the territory.


Thus, the conspiracy between the letter and the Prince's glories. The first two paragraphs of the prologue celebrate, once more, the great achievement of humankind with the invention of letters but, this time, goes beyond just grammatical considerations: The past days, when your doctrina secrets de anahuac submitted the History of the Illustrious King John the Second to Arnao Guillen for printing, I informed you that the reason for which we had been using letters in Castilian was for the most part corrupt.

I am not saying now that old words should be replaced by new ones, since this would mean corrupting books, as opposed to reforming them; rather I say that these days doctrina secrets de anahuac one writes our language purely, due to the lack of some letters which we pronounce but do not write, and others, on the contrary, which we write but do not pronounce.

The reason for Nebrija' s argument is that if the Princes were as hungry for fame as those from antiquity, they would not overlook the complicity between the letter, the writing The Colonization of American Languages of history and their own glory.

One of the examples, among many, that help us understand the logic and semantic connections between the letter and the glory of the Princes, is as follows: For Palimedes in the Trojan War did not win as much renown in organizing battles, giving the passwords, passing on his surname, assigning the watches and vigils, in discovering weights and measures, as in the invention of four letters: From the letter to the glory of the Prince there is indeed a great gap.

Samael Aun Weor: his writings sampled and translated into English

A distance which doctrina secrets de anahuac large enough to frame, precisely, the idea of civilization and to marginalize the barbarians who do not know Latin letters but also, and perhaps mainly, those who do not have letters at all.

And the same gap doctrina secrets de anahuac exists between the letter as graphic mark representing sound and the letter as a graphic mark recording and preserving glorious events so that we can understand not only the connections between the letter and the Prince's glory but, also, the questions addressed by Father Acosta, from Peru, to Father Tovar, in Mexico, which I mentioned in the introduction to this paper.


A few years later, Father Acosta would devote doctrina secrets de anahuac great deal of Book VI of his Historia moral y natural de las Indias to literacy and the interpretation of culture which was what the connections between the letter and the Prince's glory amounted to.

In fact, Acosta establishes a hierarchy of civilizations according to the writing system each possesses placing, first, the alphabetic system of the Christian West; second, the ideograms of the Chinese and, third, the pictograms of the Aztecs.


Such a hierarchy of writing systems allowed Acosta to distinguish between civilizations which have alphabetic writing and history and civilizations, like the Aztec and the Incas, whom were able to doctrina secrets de anahuac the past by means of pictograms or quipus but who cannot — according to Acosta's logic — have history.

History was, within this Renaissance theory of writing Mignolo aa matter of the letter and of alphabetic writing and so also was the Doctrina secrets de anahuac glory.

Which, of course, forms a link with the cultural construction of territoriality.